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I started learning graphics and design when i was still in school that was 2016, I studied Architecture in School, i started learning from typing then upgraded to graphics, its was something i had passion for.
My favorite aspect of design is the fact that bad design is noticeable, but great design is stands out. I saw Graphic and design as limitless in its possibilities. It's a career that allows you to be fluid, to explore different solutions through choices, typographic, layouts, and colors. Graphic design has taught me to never be content with comfortable, so I look forward to whatever may come.
"I resisted for a long time. I have always loved art and visual communication but for whatever reason, I felt like I couldn't do it professionally and started out in public relations instead. I now slowly realized the only classes I liked were the ones that focused on design. I finally conceded to do design, and I fell for it hard, probably because it has always been my passion.
Thanks to God today i am now the CEO of my own establishment (ICK-GRAPHICS).
Like i said earlier i started off as an artist because I had a strong background in painting and drawing. I took the introductory graphic design class and I was set. Designing is part of me today, I love that design is everything, and everything you see is design.
I will love to drop some of my works.

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