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I reached out to the CMA team, to get Steem added to the app WEAPONS panel last year December and I submitted a few Steem apps alongside.

2020-01-27 15_37_06-CMA - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker - Apps on Google Play.png

CMA - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker is an app like Coingceko and CoinMarketApp with great features. CMA (Crypto Mass Adoption) is a cryptocurrency tracking app available on both Android and iOS, it has more than 1,000 Cryptocurrencies listed with awesome features like PORTFOLIO, Converter, Lastest news, etc. I implore you to download the app and explore around it.

I see Steem getting added to CMA as a great opportunity for the Steem communities. Getting Steem added will surely bring more eyes to the Steem Blockchain.

2020-01-27 14_52_31-Telegram (13147).png

CMA has more than 500,000 downloads, huge right! That piqued my interest to get Steem added to the WEAPON list of the app and the features the app offers.


It takes less than 30 secs to vote! Visit this URL created for Steem by the CMA team and click on the thumb up 👍 to cast your vote.


2020-01-27 14_48_29-CMA - Steem.png

There are certain Steem apps already added on the page:


Comment below if you want your app to be added. Additionally, the page will be improved in the future as the team is presently focusing on the next release of the app.

No maximum number of votes but I'm confident we can get more than a thousand, let's rock it Steemians.

CMA Social Links:
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I go shere it in twitter 👌😋🤗

Thank you man!

Npr .. :) I'm happy to do this :)

What will happen from the thumbs up on the site? Do we need a certain amount to get added to the app or is there and end result from it?

When you click the thumb up button, the vote will increase by one i.e. you have voted for Steem. And said in the post, no certain amount of votes required.

Voted and resteemed

Thanks for supporting Steem ♨ 🙏

Anything for Steem. Cheers!

gave my vote... number 34 so far, we should do better

We will continue to strive. Thanks for supporting Steem ♨ 🙏


Voted and resteemed

Thanks for supporting Steem ♨ 🙏

It deserves getting resteemed.

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Thanks for supporting Steem ♨ 🙏

Steen ‌Share with us many more good information we want to learn more from you Thanks



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Thank you!

voted and share it to my twitter, maybe I'll post to vote it also to my followers. thanks for the information...

done it

Thank you!

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71 so far.
Many more will be added, I hope.

Steem should be adopted by mass

Voted and resteemed. $trdo

Resteemd this post

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Great job brother ♥️💯

i also shared this thank


Done, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Ohhh no