How is dropping 5KG tubs of cheese is related to creativity? I'll tell you!

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My life consists of three main things. These things are my day job, photography, and fidgeting. I can't do photography while I do my day job, as I'm chained to spreadsheets, analytical tools, and all those sorts of things that take your creative energy and channel it into busy work and meetings where one must listen attentively, or perish at the cavalcade of e-mails that follow.

Following an unfortunate incident a few evenings ago with a tub of Fetta Cheese, gravity, and the floor, I found myself in need of slippers. 5 litres of cheese brine does not make an adequate liquid to use in the laundering of footwear.

It was a smelly disaster zone, quickly cleaned up. I found myself in need of new footwear to fidget about the house in, so the very next morning (a Sunday morning) - I took myself down to the local shopping center (in sneakers, in case anyone was wondering) to pick up some new slippers.

I got some slippers that featured a Sloth, to increase my relaxation stat by unfathomable numbers.

As I was exiting the store, I stumbled across the stationery section, which was in fact stationary. There, I found something I'd always wanted, but never seen, and never purchased on impulse.

I did this exact task.

Welcome to the nameless mannequin humanoid, who now graces my desk, and enhances my fidgeting during video-conferences with coworkers during the day. This idiot doesn't have a pet, or a child, or dramatic things going on in the background of video conferences, so instead my pose-it man is my new fidget spinner and comfort animal when it comes to daily meetings.


I call this pose "heading to work". But gender-less, vague representation of a human is highly versatile, and I can use it to coax various emotions out through body language, posing and expression. This is something that will help me fidget, as well as find new and unique poses for my photographic practice.

I will treat it as though a therapeutic, and educational device, so that I can learn more about the human form, musculature and posing by interacting. This is a photographic model I can touch.


A standard model pose.

Finally, there's the current mood that fills me:

Absolute Chaos


The only downside to this mannequin is that it does not have any buttocks, and the hips are rigid, stuck in a single position.

I can't complain, I only paid $5 - but this is a tool, and a therapeutic aid, that will see me develop those synapses in my brain in new and exciting ways.


I really have a hard time relating to the cheese brine incident, but that figure can make a great model and doesn't take up much space.

The next time I see some wood with a pin between its legs I will definitely remember to pick it up.

I've never been the most relatable individual. :D

 4 months ago 

Five litres of cheese brine. What are you guys doing over there, exactly?

dropping it like its hot.

J used to buy fetta buckets and we have been really really lucky in that we've not had that particular incident though it came close to happening a couple of times XD

Eldest got one of those ages ago, I'm not sure why as he wasn't really into drawing at the time. It did a lot of poses and provided a lot of entertainment and then one day one of its arms fell off O_O

Maybe you could get a couple and do little comics/silly action scenes with them XD

Happy fidgeting XP