Butterflies and flowers (symbiosis mutualism)

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Like the picture seen above, today my post is a picture of some butterflies alighting on flowers, these images I got in my wife's own garden.

The relationship between butterflies and flowers is a relationship that is inseparable because they both help and need each other, or in other words, the term symbiosis mutualism. Symbiosis mutualism is an event or interaction between butterflies and flowers, as we know that butterflies are one type of insect that likes food or sweet juice contained in flower nectar, and in this interaction the flower as a reproductive organ in plants is very helpful. because these beautiful and beautiful butterflies help spread the pollen that is in the flowers, because of that, the interaction of the two is a mutually beneficial cooperation.







That's a glimpse of butterflies and flowers, and some pictures that I got today, I hope you all like it, thank you.




I always find challenging to take pictures of butterflies as they moved too fast, what type of lens are you using?