FREE Hive for ALL || Endless Promotion of Hive on Twitter

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This Monday Morning we are relentless promoting Hive on Twitter. We kickstart our day by giving away FREE #Hive on Top 50 Most Active Users on Twitter. We are reporting daily on @hive-data, the numbers of tweets and retweets containing the words #hive, #posh, $hive,, and

This is our report of the day from @hive-data account.

We are encouraging everyone to go out there and tweet for a chance to win @hivetips daily. A small Hive tip is a message from us that we appreciate your time and effort to tweet Hive. We appreciate our Hive people especially on Top 50 on our list.

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Screen Shot 20200810 at 09.45.20.png

Screen Shot 20200810 at 09.45.26.png

Screen Shot 20200810 at 09.45.33.png

Screen Shot 20200810 at 09.45.41.png

The blank space means we are still figuring out their usernames on Hive. The report only shows the usernames on Twitter but I am not familiar with the username on Hive. If you know some of them, we appreciate it sharing with us. God bless you

  1. @lucianav
  2. @nathanmars
  3. @ilazramusic
  4. @arlettemsalase
  5. @hiveblogshare
  6. @sgerhart
  7. @yonilkar
  8. @marvyinnovation
  9. @freecrypto
  10. @
  11. @traciyork
  12. @hiro-hive
  13. @@@daysiselena
  14. @mariana4ve
  15. @
  16. @jauregui98
  17. @dexpartacus
  18. @mintdreams
  19. @alienarthive
  20. @artemislives
  21. @pixiepost
  22. @
  23. @
  24. @soulspiced
  25. @gorayii
  26. @
  27. @guruvaj
  28. @jlufer
  29. @theluvbug
  30. @
  31. @ikasumanera
  32. @Fermionico
  33. @ryo-6414
  34. @joetunex
  35. @
  36. @mafalda2018
  37. @sudutpandang
  38. @
  39. @
  40. @wendyth16
  41. @
  42. @offgridlife
  43. @
  44. @lebey1
  45. @
  46. @johnolusegun
  47. @acidyo
  48. @forykw
  49. @genesishealthy
  50. @

Awesome Imma get in on this! @adamdabeast on hive and @adamevolv3 on twitter

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Please, we need you on our Twitter Army

Nice! They won’t appreciate it though.

Yeah, we can't please all people. What I can do is what now I focus. Great to see you here

Hey @hiro-hive 💕

13- is @daysiselena
50- is @miguelmederico

gracias, no sé qué es pero gracias jej

El reporte de los más activos en Twitter jajajaja

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

13 - @daysiselena
35 - Possibly @jeik ?
36 - @mafalda2018

I'll shout out if I come up with any others, @hiro-hive. 😊

Thank you, appreciate that sister :))