I Never Finish Anything | Oil Painting

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I Never Finish Anything
Oil on Canvas
24 x 24 in

There's always this moment in my life where I can't finish anything, even simple tasks. I always feel guilty about it.

It's always like my unfinished tasks are bigger than me...







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The title strikes back as a reflection of my own.

This is my theory; as artists, we find it difficult to finish an artwork, as once it is finished, we are obliged to let go. Since most artwork is a resemblance of emotion and feelings, this is something we don't like to do.

This goes perfectly in line with being a perfectionist. Once something is finished, we can't continue to perfect it. This flows against our stream of usual thinking.

Great work Vy! Is it a pie? Because if so... you should share it with people instead of finishing it yourself.


Awesome to see ya man, really awesome, it's been a decent spell since we last crossed paths, in hindsight, too damn long. I hope you are doing awesome dude. Upon reading your comment I see a lot of truth in it. I was speaking to another Dutch artist a day or two ago about a piece of art they had sold ((Snek)) She said she wished she could keep them all and was a little sad about selling a piece.

I didn't think of it immediately but I think, think and overthink and later the metaphor struck me that each piece is like a child born of the creative part within and of course it would be difficult to let it go.

Massive apologies to @hiddenblade for using her comment section as a more up-to-date version of friendsreunited I am certain if I promise not to darken her comment section again she'll consider it a great deal, right @hiddenblade?

Have a magnificent year Ruben, one that sees you overcome new challenges, kick the ass of your goals, and find more light than darkness and ten thousand reasons to laugh and smile my friend. 🙂

Hahah nice to see you get excited with Ruben. I don't mind this comment honestly. Feel free to converse, it's the blockchain anyway lol

Your explanation is great benben! My take is that it's hard for us to start/finish a task (and tend to procrastinate) because of perfectionism. We want that important task to be perfect, we are afraid to mess up... that's why we find other things to do to feel accomplished with small tasks.. And those big tasks are left unfinished/unstarted because we think we are not in the best condition to do it at the moment.

I love your idea as well :D

That's a cake haha.. well... my boyfriend is not here to finish those.... :p

Hmm that big procrastination monster always seems to be lurking somewhere nearby ready to pounce in an instant. Although I have a theory of my own when it comes to what appears to be procrastination related to creative endeavors. As long as something is 'not quite finished' it is not quite 'out there'.

If criticism should happen along from some unexpected source then it doesn't matter because it is not yet finished, maybe the bit that did not find approval was not the final effect so to speak.


The second we declare it complete, there is the inevitable holding of breath as the world surveys our creation, ponders and makes up it's mind, at that moment we are in an incredibly vulnerable and exposed position, after all, what if they hate it???

The demon only ever really hides within our own mind, those mini fears and insecurities, any external judgement is subjective of-course, deep down we all know this. Art exists to provoke, some love it some hate it, perish the thought anybody ever find it okay that would be truly awful.

Of course there is another possibility... Maybe we just cannot be bothered to finish things at times and I have completely overthought this whole thing. 😁

Just a quick reflection I'd like to share about the piece in the post, I will be brief as I've already abused your comment section waaaay too much ((sorry!!! 🤐))

It is in relation to what I mentioned above, about the different reactions people have to the same creative offering. When I first glanced at the individual piece I saw a stylish, deliberately bold stroked scene that seemed full of anguished souls in a purgatory-like scene...

Then I noticed the fork! People are strange, right?

I hope 2020 sees you finish more things in a timely fashion, but more importantly I wish you fun, friends and fulfillment and tens of thousands of opportunities to smile 🙂

what if they hate it???

Yeah, I do agree with this one. Even though there are really times that we don't care about how others think about the result, there will always be that worry.

Of course there is another possibility... Maybe we just cannot be bothered to finish things at times and I have completely overthought this whole thing. 😁

Ahaha. If that's the case, then maybe I am overthinking too. Lol. I do believe that we all have time for everything and we should be able to finish things on time if there's no underlying problem.

Haha, I like the anguished souls. I do think deep inside I'm having those feelings. I don't blame you for not noticing the fork right away. It's me who's not being able to put it there effectively, thus making it camouflaged. The cake doesn't even look like a cake (more like a brain!).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hope your 2020 will be great as well. :D

hi my fav character hiddenblade sup

doing good lol why fav character

I love your title and your works.

I feel the positivity in it.

It sounds funny, but this is what I am getting it.

Don't start any activity just to finish it.

The end/finish shouldn't be the goal.

The pleasure of the activity should be the goal.

Thank you! You probably have seen the hopeful side of it despite the negative titles and bold strokes. :D

The pleasure of the activity should be the goal.

So true. Also one of my ideas of why I'm not finishing something is because I'm not happy with the process most of the time. Like not being satisfied.. being frustrated cos of expectations not being met.. so leaving it unfinished and moving on to another task. Always glad to hear how people think about my painting, Thank you :D

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