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Since I knew that Troye Sivan would start making music, I was crazy waiting for him to release his first song, because he had always been a great admirer of his videos, since he started as a youtober. When his first song came out, I'm already in love. The rest is a tale hahaha.

Original of @heyjess

separador heyjess.jpg


I began to make the sketch and for this, I used the grid technique, which allows you to do more accurately jobs that are a little more realistic, in addition to helping you improve in terms of proportions and fractions of the face, well in my case It helps me in that aspect, since it is what I draw most and what I like to do the most, faces.

🚧The sketch looked like this:🚧

separador heyjess.jpg

Once I had the sketch, I started working on the details throughout the drawing. Applying shadows little by little and as usual I first started with the eyes, I always start with the eyes.

I was playing with the shadows on a large part of my face, since I wanted to achieve that touch of realism at work.

🚧My eyes stayed that way:🚧

separador heyjess.jpg

I kept working on my face, seeing where I needed more shadows and more details in it.

I worked more than anything in my mouth, since that was where I needed to work, so I could go to work in my hair.

🚧The face was as follows:🚧

separador heyjess.jpg

And to finish, what I did was work on the hair as I mentioned earlier and also work on clothes, which in this case was just a flannel.

separador heyjess.jpg



separador heyjess.jpg

👌Summary of the entire process👌

separador heyjess.jpg

I hope you liked this second post for this series in my account, leave me in the comments that another famous would like you to draw and I will be doing it.

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