Video Clip Of Bridge To Vancouver, Buildings, Then Some Mushrooms!!

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I guess this is part of the way I keep the vacation vibe going further as I get longer back. That was a hoot for sure! Going to Vancouver a couple times!!! I didn't take any photography there but I took a few video clips! Hmm well I did take a few personal photos that I don't want to post hehe.

The vibe was awesome, we biked the sea wall one day! On another day we biked Stanley Park while they had the new bike lanes open, it was a rush!! We had some sea food while there too, some oysters from the coast I tried. Next time I gotta try some downtown ramen! We did stop in a Sushi place, it was pretty alright!!!

I want to try to be successful this coming year and go on a trip there again! I have just a bit of family and one or 2 friends. Plus a couple extra people I could visit too.

Here is the video of over the bridge, then some buildings...after we left there was some cool mushrooms at a camping site we stopped in at.

I have a few more stories from the trip plus some more adventures to come in life.

I'd like to share my music here too, the trip helped clear the mind to get into the mode mood. I'm still trying to make stuff. Did a bit tonight


BC has always been my dream. Such a beautiful place. I would love to move there; if only the Visa process was easier! Great video. That bridge is incredible

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