Interesting Time With Premonition Dream And Other Events

in OCD8 months ago

Been thinking allot and have had some good experiences lately. I know about Orange Shirt Day, it has to do with a Residential School survivor. I'm not allowed to make money off of the story but it is part of the events that effected my self lately, so I will leave it to you to learn about what I'm talking about from this website -

I met the author but did not know it at the time in Williams Lake, got a real nice orange shirt and a signed copy of the textbook! I was so grateful for all of that. It's something I care about big time! So glad their story spreads further awareness of what happened to the Original Peoples of Turtle Island that lived through the horrors of attempted Genocide and Cultural Genocide. Tomorrow is orange shirt day and I will be participating.

The funny thing about this is the color orange and the dream I had about a female who has red (orange) hair. I think it's super good luck so to speak!

In a dream I had just after I got back from the vacation there was a reunion type vibe! It is 'cause I visited a couple people I haven't seen for a long time I went to school with back in the day. So I saw this young lady with red hair. I thought it was a waitress I like, she lifted her head and had a different face. It sorta looked like another server with red hair that works on the same place but she had a bunch of tattoos.

It was an alright dream. When I woke I had a feeling that I'm continuing the reunion/holiday vibe when I get back home but even stronger!

It seemed to work in a way and gave me a boost and clarity.

The next day I was doing some volunteer work with the fam. I went on a lunch and coffee run. So I went to this pita place and the young lady there had red hair!! She was real nice and gave me the best smile!! It felt like all the ugly stuff in the current situation...all my worries... everything disappeared for that moment! It was sooo awesome! I've cherished that moment ever since. It's gave me a boost to keep going and expanding. To love my self right and be cheery to others while seeking good company!! I almost wish I could see her again, a part of me hopes I will.

So then I went to the coffee shop to get the coffee. When I got there a young lady was being trained, she had red hair!! She asked if I had enough room for cream, she told her trainer she thinks she should ask that, I say yes! I like when people ask if that's enough room or not!!

I go to the grocery store at the end of the day for a greek salad. The one store only has lite feta cheese so I go to the other grocery store in town after. When I get there I see the original girl I thought was in the dream but it was a different face. I was surprised at first, then I wasn't so I decided to say hi! I wanted to tell them about the dream but they were in a hurry. It was enough that I was just able to see them.

The color orange was spinning through my mind at that point. The workers at that grocery store were all wearing orange shirts!! Hmm, that reminds me I should try to text that lady one more time and tell her about orange shirt day and how it relates to seeing her at the store. Orange shirt day is tomorrow.

So the next day I went to the Thai restaurant and there again a lady with red hair, this time with tattoos!! Just wow! I did not know there were that many people with red hair in our town. A few nights later I see the red haired lady that the face turned into. Told her about the dream and we had a good chat!! I almost just can't believe these series of events. In a way I feel totally pumped from it! Tomorrow will be a good day I know it. I will sport the orange shirt and get out!!

It's been funny having these dreams. I don't usually have that many. I rarely have ones that are premonitions. I felt relieved when I talked to the last red hair lady, she told me that she has been having more dreams than usual too. She figures many people are with all that is going on in the world and peoples lives right now.

Thanks for hearing the story! It's been awhile since I made more of a story blog post! Glad I did. I felt compelled to tell the story somewhere. I don't have many to tell

I also make music and would love for people to check it out! Been working on the music art more lately! Trying to get into a flow and create some good hype!!