Going Through Tunnels On The Way To Vacation Video

in OCD9 months ago

Oh yea one of my favourite parts of travelling through the mountains is going through the tunnels on the highway!! This trip has been really good, needed to clear the mind and reset myself. I have more videos of places visited that I will post up later. Have some stories to tell. This vacation is almost done, just a few more days and I'm back home. It has been meditative while being active. Got in touch with nature, went hiking and biking. I've cleared myself of all the political turmoil and people acting mean underneath it all. With some of the conspiracy theories going around if you don't agree there are those with underlying aggression while acting nice. Honestly it's scary. Been feeling more alone yet more independent and sure of my core values. I want to talk about this allot more in the other videos of locations I've been to and how it helped me to reflect through the noise of the current state of things, especially with this year of 2020.

Here is the video of going through the tunnels!!

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