Charcoal portrait drawing - Female model.

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Charcoal portrait of a woman, this was from a photography I saw on instagram but sadly I lost the account where I saw it, but not before saving the photography. this was not a portrait to try to draw exactly like the model, I wasn´t looking for the drawing to look like the picture but just to try to emulate the shadows with the charcoal and stay away from hyperrealism as I don´t like that technique.

Finished portrait


A little process of this drawing.

First I draw an outline of the portrait with a mechanical pencil to have an idea of where I would draw the details.

Then with a charcoal stick darken the areas of shadows for later fading to have the ilusion of skin.

Here I started faded the charcoal with a little brush and the tip on my index finger to start gibing the piece more volume


Here if the finished portait as much detailed I could give with my charcoal stick and my erarser to give it some light.


This is the reference photography I used to draw this piece.


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Very cool portrait drawing, @gooze! Beautiful job!

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