Whose life are you saving

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How many times does the average person get to say they are doing something to save lives? Sure, first responders, medical staff and those in a few other professions could probably make that claim...But what of the rest of us?

We are living in a very strange time, a one in a hundred year event, and many,many people are suffering...Dying. But there's something we can do, all of us, to make a difference and to save lives.

Stay home and isolated

I'm not one to spend much time watching the news usually, although over the last few weeks I've been keeping up with the latest information around the COVID-19 situation both domestically and abroad. It's quite dismaying of course with not a great deal of positivity to be found.

However for me the most alarming and confounding thing is people's reluctance to social-distance which seems to be the main preventative-measure together with correct hygiene which, in my opinion should always be practiced anyway. I find it difficult to believe that people are failing in this most simple of counter-measures.

I understand that many feel it is all being stirred up and made worse by the media hype however like it or not COVID-19 has permeated every aspect of life for most on the planet.

There is also increasing, and compelling, evidence that the virus was covered up by the Chinese government since mid-November. I'm of the opinion that this is the case and that this entire pandemic could have been largely averted. The Chinese government cover up, and disappearance of a couple of key Chinese virus-whistleblowers, indicates very strongly that much of what we are now facing could have been mitigated with some openness, honesty and faster response on the part of the Chinese government.

No matter what a person believes though, conspiracy-theorists or those that believe it's no worse than a typical flu, people are dying and whilst I don't know anyone who has yet, it could be any one of us; This is not an old person disease, not something that happens to someone else...It is a clear and present danger we all face; Every human on the planet.

I don't understand why a person would wilfully fail to socially-distance themselves but that's what's happened for weeks and to my knowledge is still happening however at this point I believe people are starting to get the message here in Australia.

Whose life are you saving?

It's a simple concept to get ones head around; Social-distancing saves lives in this COVID-19 world in which we find ourselves.

I wonder whose life I may be saving by doing it properly, whose life you maybe saving by doing it properly.

Sure, it's difficult to be locked down, to maintain a satisfactory distance from everyone...It's inconvenient, emotionally challenging and financially crippling to many...But the alternative could be far worse...Especially for those who die or who lose people they love. It's easy to say, "people die" until those people are your daughter, partner, wife, parent...Death takes on a different meaning when it hits close to home.

We all want this situation to be over with quickly and I think proper Social-distancing, obeying the lockdown laws and a little common sense might go a long way towards limiting the extent of this disease.

Rather than thinking about what one may lose by quarantine-measures and lockdown processes...Maybe think about who could be saved by it...How many lives could be saved, and who exactly those lives may be; After all, aren't we all in this together?

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well

This is just my opinion.
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