Where on Wednesday thirty one: Mindil Beach with Faith...And crocs

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I'm going to confess right away that this #whereonwednesday was written whilst sitting at a café over a cake and coffee and not from my office. However, despite the concept of whereonwednesday being all about day-dreaming about where I'd rather be whilst sitting in my office at work I think it still counts from the café - It is, after all, still Wednesday!

Anyway, today I was thinking about a trip Faith and I made to Darwin, some 3200km away from home, a while back; I was there to compete in a big shooting competition and we stayed an extra week to do the tourist thing. I've been thinking about it lately as I have been doing a post-series about the Darwin bombings up that way. It was our first time there and so we sort of hit it like tourists and went all over the place. I wouldn't call it a hectic trip, Darwin and hectic don't mesh together, but it was really interesting and enjoyable for sure!

One of the coolest places we found was Mindil Beach. We were staying not too far away and walked down there most nights to soak up the atmosphere, grab some food and watch the sun set.

There's a very cool market down there called Mindil Beach Sunset Market which has music, food and stalls plus thousands of people all situated literally in the sand just off the beach. The stalls carry all sorts of local items, arts, crafts and produce, some eclectic and odd and some really interesting. It's the food stalls that capture most people's attention though, and there's no shortage of them!

Some of the foods available are: Australian, American, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Turkish, Sri Lankan, Spanish, Malaysian, Indian and French. If a person can't find something to eat here they have issues!

We wandered around the stalls, engaged with some of the many characters, and come sunset headed down to the beach with a couple healthy serves of a very scrumptious paella to eat as we watched the day draw to a close. Idyllic? You betcha!

The image here shows the beach and a few people on it watching the sunset. It was a warm night, as always, in this tropical region of Australia and the sunset was pretty glorious. You may wonder why no one is in the water though...Well, That's because of these little fellas...They grow them big up there, some of these crocs reaching up tp 22 feet in length.

I snapped these two from an aluminium boat on the Adelaide River south of Darwin, but these salt water crocs are just as comfortable in the ocean so...Swimming in Darwin is for the extremely brave, or the incredibly stupid. You don't have to observe the warnings...But it's a good policy.

1  6tsC3OP.jpg

Taking some time to wind-down with Faith, some chow, a couple of coldies and a splendid sunset at the end of each day was nice and there's few better places to do so than at Mindil Beach. Just watch out for the crocs if you decide to dip a toe in.

We had really great time in Darwin, and I'd recommend to anyone that it's a place they should visit whether you're from overseas of from Australia. It's a long way from anywhere, but it's relaxed, warm, and there's loads to do, even if you just want to sit around the pool. There's no crocodile's in the pool...Well, there could be! (See last image below.)

We only really had a week there, around August and so there's still much we would like to do there including heading back to Mindil Markets.

So, that's where I'd rather be right now, but I'm not...So, I'll have to keep day dreaming.

Thanks for reading y'all.

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Bonus text and pictures...

Not your typical swimming pool: Here's a mate of mine who I competed against in the shooting competition I was in Darwin for. He decided to get into the cage of death with his girlfriend and get submerged into a pool with this bloody great croc. It's safe, or as safe as can be of course, but I wouldn't do it. There's no tame crocs. You can do this at Crocosaurus Cove


I enjoyed your publication, especially because I'm Latin and Australia is too far away for me hahaha, both in distance and in affordability. However, it is nice to travel through the experiences of others who enjoyed and shared it on these networks. Very nice the sunsets (I love to enjoy them here in my city that is coastal, I am Venezuelan) I am an amateur photographer of the sunsets here on my beaches. In the afternoons when I leave my work, I go to a nice place and take off my shoes to wet my feet in the sea and feel the texture of the sand. They are one of those simple pleasures that we should enjoy when we want and can. Excellent trip, with great company, the only thing I didn't like were the crocodiles, uy no hahaha, very brave your friend and his girlfriend to get into that pool you name at the end.
Thanks for sharing your experience, it was very nice to read you and enjoy your pictures. A hug for you. @galenkp

Hey there Mary,

Thanks for reading and responding...It seems we have something in common, the enjoyment of simple pleasures and what better than the beach and a beautiful sunset? Natures free entertainment.

Yes, the crocs are a bit of a worry, but fortunately we didn't get eaten! It might be hard to post a blog from the belly of a big crocodile!..Or a little one for that matter. 😂

I'm going to head over to have a look at your blog so you might see me pop up with some comments and votes here and there.

All the best to you Mary, I hope to see you around again.


Hey, you're great, thanks a lot for answering. You're always welcome to my blog, simple but from the heart, that's how I write. Big hug. @galenkp

Simple, but from the heart

...is ok by me.

I curate for @curangel and @c-squared so hope to send some of your work for some vote-love at some stage.

P.s. I don't speak Spanish and can't curate what I can't read however I'll keep an eye on your blog as there may be something I can promote.

Wow, thank you very much, I have started writing in English, even though I never leave my mother tongue, because Hispanics are like that. I'm writing some content in English and some in both languages (English and Spanish), of course, following the rules of the platform in this regard.
I am very happy that someone like you has responded to me and found that you are such a simple and achievable person. Thank you very much, I will continue reading your contents, which are very interesting. I wish you a happy rest of the week and many blessings. @galenkp

I'll look out for the English then, and hope to see something I'm able to curate.

I'm always happy to help out others here, those who take the time to engage like you did, and who add passion and personality to their own blogs. I was a very tiny little account when I started almost 3 years ago and whilst I'm not huge now, I'm able to throw a little support behind smaller accounts, and so I do.

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Thank you very much! <3

Wow, that does look an awesome place. I love anywhere a sunset can be seen. I didn't realise where Darwin was until I saw your map in the comments. Yuuuuge distance!

Yeah, it's a top spot, we call it the Top End here in Aus.

It's a long way from my place though, all the way down in Adelaide, but worth the trip.

I think it's difficult for people to understand the concept of how big Australia is really. A little perspective like that image helps.

They have legit beer there too, those Aussies don't mess around up there. Get some great Northern into you and you won't look back!

I love it there, hoping to go back within a couple years. Great history too, my Darwin bombings posts are about...Umm...Darwin...Believe it or not. Lol


Yeah, I totally didn't get it when you said tropical until I saw that map and it was right at the top. I hadn't ever seen anything at the top before but of course there is!

I'm heading to Cairns in the middle of next year, one of my brothers and his wife live there. T-dog lived there for a long while also. Very tropical and the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Bloody beautiful.

Four days drive, 10 hours a day! Adelaide to Cairns. 3403km

(There is a shorter, more direct route, but there is bloody nothing on the way. It's via Bourke and is very remote. I'd use it, but it's not really the go for tourists.)

South to North UK...1314km

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 6.58.55 pm.png

Kind of puts it into perspective huh?

It totally does!!

Worse yet, little Scotland is only about 400 odd K I think. It's pretty tiny! I think the North of Aus might be my new place to aspire to!

I like to understand distances, it's an OCD thing I think. I also need to understand where the points of a compass are in a new city. (My wife thinks I'm weird - I am only partly sure I am. Lol.)

Hey, if you get your Scottish Ass to the NT I'll come up there for a Great Northern with ya.

There was a TV commercial here, about tourists going to the NT. (Northern Territory). The catch-phrase was CUin theNT - I'm serious.

It didn't last long.


Hahaha, I can imagine some folk taking it a bit too seriously!

I am like that with cities. I always feel a pressing need to know which way is North!!

Goddamn it! We're bloody twins! Lol.

I just told Faith, she rolled her eyes and said, "another weirdo." 🤣

She was just joking, well, in your case anyway, she knows I'm a stone cold weirdo so doesn't pull any punches.

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Great post! You need a heart of steel to get that close to the croc! :)

Yes, I don't think I'd want to face one without something solid in between me and it. Thanks for your comment about my post and for stopping by for a read.


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as always your photographs are beautiful, this time I love sunsets, really wonderful shots. I congratulate you.

Thank you, I appreciate you reading and commenting.

3200km away from home

I have no courage or opportunity to travel this far, however, looking at the pictures, it looks like you enjoyed it. But crocodiles are terrible to look at. Yes, sometimes I go on trips but at a short distance.

Happy Wednesday!

Haha, all that way only to get chomped and swallowed by a croc! 😂

We flew there actually, via Brisbane so it was along flight. I was travelling with guns too which complicated matters a little. Anyway, we got there and found out it was a really incredible place! We will certainly go back.

There's the driving route below. About 3150km. Everything in Australia is a long way from anywhere, but once there it's always worth the trip! 🇦🇺

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 4.20.18 pm.png


Now clear with the map! its like one side to another side but in Australia! Yes, cuz Australia is one of big country and Bangladesh is very small :P

Yes, it's a big old place is Australia, loads to see too. In my own state of South Australia I could drive from South to North for 1800km and still be in South Australia!. Lol. It's big.

Maybe you'll make it here sometime for a holiday? But be warned, most people love it and want to stay! 😁

On my list of places to visit, It must be awe-inspiring to get so close to these giant beasts — the last of the dinosaurs.


The whole place has a cool vibe, just really simple, laid back and relaxed...But there's a bunch of cool stuff to do also. If it wasn't so bloody hot I reckon I could live there. Lol.

I'll go back though for sure, hopefully in the next couple years.

Awesome sunsets in Darwin.

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Yeah, she's a ripper alright!

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Sounds like you guys had a great time. I hear you when you said that you hit it like a tourist, there is no sense going anywhere that has lots to offer and not take advantage of it. Some great pics of the sun setting, nothing like observing it from the beach.
22 feet, that's a big crock, Your friends have some guts, cool pics of them in the tank.

@farm-mom and I are going on cruise later today, on the Peace River. It's an inland water excursion here in Florida, it should be a lot of fun.

We always find a balance between doing and seeing things and doing some relaxing when on vacation. Spending the sort of money it costs to go from here to Europe doesn't make us feel comfortable about sitting around a pool though. We can do that at home. A balance is a nice...Balance I guess. 🤣 When we travel to Asia we find a little more time to sit and read by the pool as it hasn't cost us as much to get there. Depends on the holiday though. We did a bit of everything in Darwin.

Big crocs huh? They are quite frightening beasts really. As someone else said, the last dinosaurs... Haven't changed in millions of years.

Hope the cruise was awesome.

The cruise was great, we had dolphins swimming next to the boat for miles, both on the way out and the way in. The naturalist that did the speaking during the jaunt up the Peace River was on top of her game.

Dolphins always make for a great day! Something about them make people smile huh? Nice, also, to have a guide that knows her stuff. Sounds like a great day out!

beautiful moment, but I want to ask?
Is that your wife's first picture?
beautiful and charming woman
Thanks for sharing My friend

Yes, that first image is my wife.

hi there! I enjoyed all this crocodile part -- animals pics, alert-awareness shields, and especially the 'cage of death' part, as you name it. let me curate your post with my little CCC stake :P

Hey mate. Yeah, the cage of death is is an exhibit people pay to do at Crocosaurus Cove, a tourist attraction in Darwin. I can't recall how much it costs, not cheap though.

Thanks for your CCC curation, I appreciate it.

what about the martyrs statistic, up to date? I hope humans 100% safe, no?

No one has died doing it yet, crocs in the wild have taken a lot of lives though. The cage of death is as safe as it can be...It's just a thick perspex cylinder that people get into and is then lowered into the pool by a crane. If those people were not behind the Perspex they would be in danger of course. Crocodiles don't discriminate, they are killers, and are very effective at doing so also.

they are killers, and are very effective

I know that, they are the peak of evolution (of their branch) - had millions of years, to reach this grade of perfection and efficiency.

Oh ok, no worries then.

Yes, tomorrow isn't promised. So we must plan, but live for today. I love other steemians' travel posts. I'm in the U.S., and I get to travel the world with them, exploring caves, waterfalls, hiking, museums, all in countries I'll never visit.

A brave soul indeed to venture where the crocodiles thrive.

Thanks or sharing your adventure. Take care.