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RE: (ESP-ENG) Un nuevo amigo en Hive [Conociendo Hivers] - A new friend in Hive [Knowing Hivers]

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he gave me the advice to grow as a user, some of them were to use quality photos in the publications, to use some labels and create quality content, to exploit my creativity and knowledge adding value to the platform.

Can I add to that list: Be yourself, have fun and show passion, personality and a little effort in your posts and comments that you leave for others.


Your advice is very accurate, users who come to hive should read it. I think one of the main secrets is to have fun because it becomes something you like to do and makes you happy.

Thank you very much for such good advice, I will follow it, and have fun at HIVE.


Just keep doing what you're doing, nothing wrong with it - You're doing well, engaging with others and posting with personality and effort. ✅

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