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RE: Stay Home Challenge - Climbing Mountains

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I've been to all three...Such great spots and reasonably accessible to most. I don't live far from the Grampians so have been there a fair amount, but mainly go the the Flinders for camping trips. Mt Ohlssen Bagge is a good spot and worth the time to hike.

I can't recall, have you been over this way? (S.A.)


I Love the Grampians. First time we’ve been there was late summer and we had a heated pool on the caravanpark. Awesome to relax after a hike.

Unfortunately we haven’t been to the Flinders as we had a ferry booked for Tasmania and not enough time left. It’s still so much to see and explore. If we could, We would do the whole trip again and check out what we’ve missed before.

You live in Aus still right? You'll get here someday I guess. There's some spectacular spots in S.A. and the Flinders Ranges are one such location. Tassie is awesome too though!

Still in Australia yes. Hope they don’t send us home end of the month. Would be a nightmare to go back to good old Germany.

We came through S.A. but haven’t seen much apart from Adelaide.

Ah ok hopefully you can hang around a bit longer then, see a little more. I want to go to Germany someday. I did a post about the Eagles Nest a few days ago...Bavarian Alps. Loved it. We'll get to Berlin and other places eventually.

(I live in Adelaide.)

That hike looks great by the way. Not too easy but I like it when it gets a bit challenging.

It's a decent hike for sure. Quite steep in places with rock jumping and hands and feet-work required. Not one to do in the wet. Falling off would ruin your day. Lol. It's worth the effort though. It's right next to Wilpena Pound too...So a double bonus.