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RE: The Hive Engagement League πŸ†

in OCD β€’ 8 months ago

I couldn't have done it without Vegemite...I had a speech prepared, but my gob is full of corn chips right now so...

Thanks for doing the results again and for the hive - Much appreciated.

Have a great Sunday Asher.

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I should be done with my jar of Marmite in 2025 and will go for Vegemite next time.

No worries, hold onto the HIVE so in future I can say I gave you $50 :)

Cheers, you too!

Vegemite is a better option for sure, at least in my (Australian) opinion. Lol.

Yeah, I'm going to save that 5 hive until it's worth $50 and then we'll hit the pub with it to celebrate ok?

I wonder how many drinks $50 will buy at that point, not many! But yes, I'm down, at least we will be unlikely to be required to wear masks by then. Sigh.

Well, we might get a bubbly water and a couple straws so all good.

Just how I like my ladies :)