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RE: Coronavirus shuts down my world – how is yours?

in OCD10 months ago

It's all pretty grim, especially from a financial situation; The impact on businesses and general public I mean. The government here just announced assistance for the airlines here (Australia) as they are flying ghost ships at the moment with very few people in the air. The government want to keep them going as they'll be needed when it's all done and dusted...Financial stimulus packages for small and medium-sized businesses as they are closed, or not being used...People locked down, events cancelled...Supermarkets cleaned out...

You know, I wonder if there's been a bit of an over-reaction which has resulted in some of the financial pain...And the pain that is sure to come in the future.

Time will tell I guess.

A good post cobber, I sent it to @curangel for you.

Be well.


Yes this sounds serious, thanks for the news from Australia. It's good to hear how things are on the ground.