Pandemic - A short story

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It didn't seem like much at first; An elevated temperature, coughing, a sore throat...But people started dying. Initially it seemed like something that happened somewhere else but eventually it spread around the globe...And more people died. Many more.

Some were immune, or healthy enough to stave off the symptoms and recover, however the young, elderly and infirm...They were the first to succumb and then others did too until virus-related deaths began to affect the day to day lives of everybody around the world, and the bodies stacked up.

Business's shut down first then factories ceased to operate, utilities dwindled then stopped altogether...And as they broke down so did society.

At first additional first-responders were called up, more medical and morgue staff, but as their numbers declined, through illness or death, the crime rate accelerated. Aid services were stretched to the limit, then failed altogether and as shops ran out of products desperate people sought them elsewhere...Violent crime overran society as the need for clean water, and basic food and medical items pressured people into desperate situations. It took days, not weeks, for the pressure cooker to explode.

The military mobilised eventually, all across the world, in a bid to control a raging population but before long they too turned...Turned to crime or simply returned to their own families...And then governments broke down altogether under the massive strain, mounting body-count and increasing violence and disorder.

Chaos reigned.

A once prosperous global-society, one that had seemed so ordered, broke down in a matter of weeks; The noise of a bustling, functioning society was replaced with the sound of screams, rage, fear, gunfire and then fell mostly silent...

We relocated early, a few months after the pandemic was declared, packing up our household as best we could, securing what was left and headed to the country. It wasn't far, only a few dozen kilometres away; Far enough that there were no people within shooting distance though and no mournful, or horrified screams. Blessed silence. It was there we waited, watched and protected ourselves.

We've been here for months now...I can't remember exactly when the outbreak first started, but it was declared a worldwide pandemic only 9 months ago and society broke down maybe around 4 months later. It seems like a lifetime though; A lifetime of doing things I wish I could forget.

The worst time was the crossover between normal society and the actual break down itself. Many refused to see it coming preferring to live in the hope it wouldn't happen to them...But a societal breakdown reaches all corners and those who refused to prepare became the first victims.

As humans tend to do they persisted though, trying to continue normal life and deny society was fractured and breaking...But it's not normal to have to defend your house and family against violent marauders looking for cans of baked beans, paracetamol and containers of water.

I remember the first time someone tried to access our home.

"We come in peace," they declared...But the camera's I had installed a few years earlier told me otherwise.

"I've got nothing for you. Move along now ya hear?!" I called with conviction, and then their shotgun blast blew a 30 centimetre hole in my front door.

It didn't end well; For them. I dragged them away into the street later that night, watchful for other's who may be watching me with evil intent. There were no friends or friendly neighbours these days.

From there it all went to hell pretty quickly.

They say in times like these people will help people...But we learned differently in those weeks. Bodies littered the streets, gangs of bandits roamed them and people either dug in and hid as best they could, or took a stand. We were the latter.

Leaving was harder than I'd expected it to be despite being prepared for just this eventuality; War zone didn't quite adequately describe it as we drove through streets once familiar to us. I'd been to war...This was, well it was something else again. All I could do was guide our vehicles through, ignore those pleading for help, and drive through, or gun down, those who hoped to waylay us. I can't recall how many we passed, but many wouldn't have to worry about starving to death anymore.

We took a day to arrive at our hills location, a drive that would normally take me only 25 minutes. We were intact though; Two vehicles, supplies to bolster those we had at the property and three people...My wife and 10 year old boy.

I've ventured back towards the city on a few occasions. On foot creeping from tree to bush, to building to burned out car...Death was everywhere. At first I had to avoid people but over time they thinned out...Well, they were still there, just burned corpses, or rotting ones.

I remember watching TV shows about the zombie apocalypse that looked like this...Now I was in it...Minus the zombies of course. It wasn't as fun as the TV shows.

We foraged here and there as we needed, but there wasn't much around. That's the funny thing...In those apocalypse movies there was always a supermarket full-stocked, a chemist or drug store...

...In reality there was very little of use and we tightened another notch on the belt knowing food would become scarce.

We lived a meagre existence spending our days planting, making or repairing things, hauling water, filtering water, stock-taking our water and food...Water, food, water, food...It dominated our lives. Prepping wasn't as much fun in real life, not when life actually depended upon it.

Caring for, and cleaning, guns was a constant chore and one we never neglected; That and working on defensive plans against the day when such was required...And it was several times.

Days were long...We'd stand watch over the rolling hills around us, ever-vigilant for humans...Half hoping they may come because we could have used some help, and half fearing it because it may have meant a fight. Nights seemed longer because we didn't know what was out there, and the worry was ever-present, exacerbated by the long nighttime hours.

I don't know why this happened...The virus...Some Chinese person ate an infected chicken or something...I don't know...What I know is that we haven't heard or seen anyone for months. No one.

This is the life we have now. My boy will grow up in a world generally devoid, and maybe totally devoid, of others but his mum and I. I have to teach him, to help him survive because one day we would be gone. I have to prepare him for that day, physically and emotionally, for possibly being alone for a very long time...

This little fictional piece was inspired by the coronavirus scenario playing out around the world...And maybe isn't all that fictional. Time will tell. 😀

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default
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Discord: galenkp#9209 🇦🇺

The image is my wife, with one of my rifles shouldered, looking over the rolling hills not too far from our home.

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To Bug Out or Bug In; that is the question.
The route to the Bug Out location is the big risk when things go to shit.
Also fuel will become a big problem in Australia very quickly as it no longer has refining capacity.
I prefer the Bug In option and being part of the most cohesive, self sufficient and prepared society on Earth - Israelis.
If you can’t trust your society in a crisis then Bug Out may be the only option.

You should add a 3D printer to your preparations.
It’s much more likely that global supply chains fail but locally produced food, water and utilities remain operating.

At least in countries that can feed themselves this will avoid complete breakdown.

This was just a fictional piece really to be honest. My preparations are much more extensive than I've said in this piece. It was just inspired by some things I heard today and I hadn't done anything like this for a while so thought I'd have some fun.

I don't know anything about printers that print ink on paper, let alone 3d printers. To be honest it doesn't much interest me although one of mates has one and makes some pretty cool things. Maybe I'll get into it some day. So many things to learn, so little time.

Although a fictional story, it may be a very real one. Maybe not with the current virus, but could happen sometime in the future with a more dangerous virus coming our way. That said, the total chaotic situation you described seem to be worse than the situations when the plague and the Spanish flu whipped out large percentage of the total population. For some reason I'm not fearing too much the Corona virus, but more the chaos we are heading to when our financial systems fall down completely, when we loose fait in the US Dollar, the Euro and other hard currencies. People will not die from that; Looting and killing may start to take place on large scale. How to prepare for something like that? Guess we need to find ourselves a piece of land in some remote place. But then again, when the majority prepares like that, we will start fighting each other while preparing...maybe...who knows. I suppose we need to fight to change things in such a way we are all prepared, as a community, a society, across the globe.

Although a fictional story, it may be a very real one. Maybe not with the current virus, but could happen sometime in the future with a more dangerous virus coming our way.

I agree, and actively prepare to be more prepared. I've written about it a few times here.

The chaotic situation I described was merely for the story...No one is interested in, and every one sneezed a couple times, then lived happily ever after... in a fictional piece like this.

Although...One doesn't need to go too far back to find examples of out of control people. Google Cyclone Katrina and see what happened (I don't know how old you are so you may not recall it without Google.) There's many other examples...The Pol Pot regime in Cambodia, Idi Amin 1971-1979 in Uganda, Rodney King riots in LA 1992...

My point being one never knows what is around the corner, and how people will react. I mean, I've seen terrible rioting after a football team wins a game, people stabbed etc. I'm sure you've seen the same in times past. (The 1964 Estadio Nacional disaster where 328 people died and 1985 Birmingham City vs. Leeds Riot for instance)

Guess we need to find ourselves a piece of land in some remote place. But then again, when the majority prepares like that, we will start fighting each other while preparing...maybe...who knows.

I have my spots, and am fortunate to live in such a massive and low-populated country that I have many options. The other thing is that most people will never prepare properly; Most don't even think about it preferring to live in hope that the government, or someone other than themselves will provide the safety and care they need. So it's unlikely I'll even have to compete with others preparing.

I often ask people with children, what wouldn't you do to feed and protect the kids? The answer is always, I'd do anything and therein lies the issue...The would do anything. That's what turns people into animals, and starts strife. The problem is, that they could be doing a lot now...But choose not to, and to scoff and laugh at people like me who have a heightened level of preparedness.

I agree that we need to change the perception of reliance on others, and ignorance being the norm. But how? A blog here about me prepping and what elements are important? Awareness? People scoff and ridicule, label prepared people as nut-jobs...Then when they need help they turn to those same nut-jobs for it, people like me with skills and solutions...

It's a strange world mate.

Thanks for your great reply. Much appreciated.


I see myself to be in between; On one hand I believe humans are in essence good and have good will, even in times of shortage of anything; But I also know only a few (an absolute minority) is required to take whatever they want to take from the mass and create an environment of oppression. I live in one of the most dense populated countries of the world, with an apartment under sea level. Theoretical change that my front door will be under water is 1 in 1250 years which gives a low but considerable chance this will actually happen. Although I sometimes think I shall sell my place and move to some area above sea level, I'm only thinking about it, but far from making any real steps. I simply like the place I live, the city and all. I suppose, this happiness I feel, closes my eyes for the dangers. That said, the chance nothing will happen during my lifetime is much higher, therefore the possible danger never happens. When it happens, well, I try to think more like: I'll cross that bridge when it happens. Guess I'm like the mass in this. Ok, I do think about all of this, but still, not really preparing myself for many of the dangers that can fall upon us. Maybe I should change! :)

In my mind, not having some level of preparedness is the same as choosing to be a victim. Just my opinion.

I'm not talking about your house that may go under water in 1250 years...You'll be dead inside of 70-80 years anyway probably. I mean knowing first aid, knowing how to use a fire extinguisher and actually having one. I mean having a financial plan for the future, a health plan for healthy living now and in the future...A fire evacuation plan in the home, a seat belt cutter and glass breaking inside the car, having situational awareness etc. Those things are all about being prepared.

Or not...Just don't have any of those and embrace the victim mentality.

I choose the former and walk around with a high level of confidence that I can react quickly if required, and be proactive where possible. It's just how I am.

Or not...Just don't have any of those and embrace the victim mentality.

LOL, I'm not that unprepared. All those things you mention is standard for me; Simple things easy to arrange, low hanging fruit, I'll do for sure.

Many don't do the most basic of preparations. Still, that's their choice, being a victim of one's own ignorance seems to be a legitimate way to be these days.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Agree. Many are taking things for granted. Guess the way we are living is becoming too comfortable.

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Great write up.
Guess it all comes down to common sence when talking about the corona virus. Hope that it doesn't get as bad as you wrote down!
Time will tell!


Well, if it gets as bad as my fictional story then I'll certainly appreciate a little beer! Thanks for commenting...And for the beer.


Always confuse those sayings but wasn’t it: a beer a day keeps the doctor away 🤔


I just looked it up...And can confirm that that's exactly what the saying is. Lol.

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Unfortunately that’s the scenario that elites and people in charge envision. That’s why those sick maniacs experiment with biological warfare. It’s unreal the extent they want to go to in order to cull people. Times like these are when I’m glad I own a firearm legally and am licensed. You never want to use it for that but protection is important.

I feel the same about the firearms man...I mean, it won't protect me from a virus, but having guns and knowing how to use them in an inflammatory situation can be a good thing.

I'm hoping that things aren't as bad as I expect that they are and that the power-brokers who pull all the strings are on top of it...If not...Then maybe my story might be seen as some sort of prophecy in the future...Like Nostradamus...



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Gee Man @galenkp gets it.... I hope He Don't GET IT..!!

I mean He understands the situation, We are being lied to as usual....

This virus has genetic markers of man made manipulation, and what we are not being told is the key to it all... It is doing exactly what it was bio-engineered to do.....

A level four-ish pandemic....

Imagine a level 10!!!

Update.... It is now confirmed on every continent.... Except Antarctica.

Hey Jonboy @janton... 9 confirmed in Texas. If You believe the know liars telling us this.....

yc6rlp.pngsrc ddg zombie meme search

I like that meme! Do something constructive...I know what that means.

Yeah, imagine what a level 10 would be like? I think it's a matter of time before it starts to affect daily life here in Adelaide...I'll have some level of preparation of course, but in truth I hope it doesn't come to that.

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Hope it's more fictional the not.

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Yes mate, me too. I hope I made it sound bleak though...That was my intention.

Lol, I've been down with a virus (no idea what kind) for past 3 days and ordering canned, dry food online for the doom's day scenario xD

Maybe that's silly, maybe not. Scary nonetheless.

I don't think being a little prepared is a silly thing at all. Most non-perishable food keeps for a long time and provided one is buying things they would normally eat the food will get used.

For me it goes a little further as I'm diabetic so need medication, but generally having a few weeks of supplies is going to be of benefit not a hindrance. People in Wuhan are afraid to leave their homes, or are prevented from doing so...A little planning can make an enforced confinement a little less troublesome.

I hope this doesn't accelerate into something terrible, but it is looking like it will. Airlines are starting to shut down now, minimise flights and telling staff to take leave etc.

Businesses will close, or operate limited services...Stores will run out of food...That's what could happen anyway. It doesn't take much to stretch the imagine that far. It's happened in Wuhan, a city of 7 million people...Streets are deserted and it's shut down. Could happen elsewhere.

I hope your flu gets better too. 😊

i have spent a bit of time thinking about what to do in the case of an apocalypse, whatever the cause. Whether people just die or turn into zombies. Things like the coronavirus just reinforce that thinking about things like this might be helpful in the future.

I agree, and me too.

I've heard talk of towns in Italy being quarantined now, and of course Korea and China...I think if a household didn't grab a little extra non-perishable food, store some water and a few jerry cans of diesel and some medical supplies then they may be asking for trouble. I mean, whats the harm in doing so? All of those things would be eventually used up over time anyway, but being forced to stay indoors and not having the right (or enough) supplies could go very badly.

The government will look after us? Haha, yeah, I'd rather not test out the theory on that one myself. Are you preparing for this in any way?

I mean, whats the harm in doing so?

I'm glad you could do that in your country. Over here in Vzla grab and get hold of all that stuff beforehand, seems lotta more difficult. };)

Yeah, I spoke to a couple guys at work today, they're looking at getting a little more prepared also. I think it's smart.


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I am not going overboard but have been picking up some extra supplies to allow for a few weeks stuck in/around the house. I will use most of it in time anyway and just replace as I use to keep them fresh.

Yep, that's the way. It doesn't take much, and if it's stuff you'd normally consume whats the harm? I think it's smart. We're on it too.

Haha, I couldn't help but try to illustrate your amusing 'not so fictional piece' with an audiovisual epilogue and suitable corollary. };)

«-Less Than Human-»

Interesting video...I found it a bit sad really.

Prolly not much more sad than your 'fictional' story!! :)

Yes, you're right. I was going to end it with suicide actually...You know, last people on the earth, can't deal with it, kill themselves. I decided not to.

Well, I'm still kind of an optimist that we Vzlans (prolly aussies too) will have to repopulate the planet after all this virulent thingy sweep down the earth. Since apparently neither Coronavirus nor COVID-19 virus can survive or like places with a warm/hot weather. So, we better take care of the pearls on our crotch in first place. Hahahaha

Haha, a world populated by Aussies and Venezuelans...The perfect human! Lol.

The perfect human! Lol.

Like God commanded!! LoL };)


Yep...Pretty much.


Hope your story stays fictional, Galen. The news about the virus is pretty scary these days...

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Yes, what I read today inspired this story...I hope it remains fictional, although the reality of it, is far worse than the populace is being told I think. China is releasing the true extent of it and I reckon there's a lot of closed door meetings going on right now.

I'm a prepared guy, but this is something else again. I hope it doesn't take a turn for the worst.

Thanks for your comment. I don't think you've ever commented on me before so I appreciate it.


Yeah well, I've been pretty inactive on Steem past year and a half, but the developments with Justin buying Steemit and the witnesses bringing SF222 as a reaction have drawn me back in reading and engaging a bit.

Ah ok, yeah a few coming back now which is good. I hope to see you around again. Let's keep our fingers crossed my story doesn't come true. Huh?

Strangers coming to my front door with shotguns? Please no sir!

please no.gif


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Howdy sir galenkp! What a great story. That I hope is totally fictional. But I think it's a very accurate portrayal of how things would go in such a situation.

Thanks mate, I' was just having a bit of fun...Why not huh?

Yes for sure, I hope it turns out to be a total fantasy. Great opportunity to write about such a scenario though!