Measuring steem success

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I've always been curious about how people think and what their reasoning behind decisions, conclusions and actions is; It helps me understand people better so my ears always listen a little more intently when someone gives an insight into their thought-process.

The same can be said here on steem and associated platforms around it.

I've been here for coming on to three years; 980 days to be exact. I have seen many people come and go and of course there's always the stayers, or old-dogs [said with respect of course], who post regularly, with effort, passion, personality and with a future-view rather than with a get rich quick ethos in mind. We all have an agenda and make choices around it.

We're all different and all track different metrics here...SP value, number of followers, reputation score, number of comments and characters and many other metrics available. All different, but also all the same, in one aspect at least...We're all seeking success, whatever that may mean.

It's that question I raise today and hope to get some responses to.

Question (or three)
What does success on steem mean to you and why? How do you measure it, and what do you do to actively seek it?

Am I successful here on steem? I don't know the answer to the question really. I'm a reasonably small account, compared to the giants around me, but most of my SP has been earned, not purchased. I'm happy with that.

I've built my account organically; Posting daily (1.5 times a day actually), commenting, replying, supporting smaller accounts, engaging with others, getting involved with community initiatives...A success? Well, I feel like those things qualify. Only time will tell if I am ultimately successful here though, and therein lies the crux of my question. What does that success look like?

I will feel ultimately successful when I am able to pull a sum of money out from steem (crypto in general) into the real world and have it make a real different to my life. As I wrote a little while ago, my wife Faith doesn't have a lot of faith in the crypto thing, she hopes it will work out of course, but is a little skeptical - Justifiably so too. So, when I show her a pile of financial benefit from my efforts here then I would consider it as an ultimate success...

...But it doesn't end there.

You see, there's other benefits to this thing than financial which I have often written about. Enjoyment being the main one. I enjoy steem, posting and engaging! It's my only social media too. I consider a post with decent engagement as more successful than a post with none, but a good reward figure. The enjoyment-factor supports all the rest; If I stopped enjoying this I would simply stop doing it. That's a promise too.

I have always made an endeavour to engage a lot, I mean right from my very first post on the 13th June 2017. I have continued to do so. That is the thing I have done with the most conviction to chase my ideal of success here...Engage. Of course I've posted a lot too and I hope most feel I have done so with personality, passion, excitement, openness and candour.

OK, so it's over to you. What do you call success here? What does it look like and what things are you doing to chase it down? There's no wrong answers here, just answers.

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When belief in the existence and necessity of the state has left mainstream human consciousness; I'll consider my Steem journey to have been a success.

Are you tracking this or is it a more general sort of thing? How would you even track something like this anyway?

You'll know.

Haha...Yes, I think I will. My happy place.

I keep multiple measures of success and try to be thankful and excited about achieving any that I can. As far as measurable and statistical success, I like to see payout and meaningful comment count increasing every few weeks or months.

A few months ago it was $5 payout and 5 comments. Now it’s $7 and 7 comments. I’m still pretty ok with $5 and 5, but at the time being I’m aiming for $20 and 20.

I also think about earning a whole 10,000 sp and 1 btc.

On another front though it’s hard to measure, and that’s community connections. I want to feel at all times that I’m making my relationships stronger and finding new ways to align interests. Actually I focus on this aspect much more than the monetary one because o trust that if I do it well enough the money will work itself out.

I like your last paragraph the most as I think that those things will drive the others. Yes, difficult to track but very important. Are you in the Engagement and Curation League that @abh12345 runs? That will help track engagement at least; It's a good place to start.

Thanks for taking the time to come over and read my post, and of course for your comment.


I bump fists with them now and then but I’ve yet to join. I have so many things I’m keeping track of at steem it’s hard but I’ll go check them our. Asher has been one of my favorite tech oriented guys at steem.


You actually don't have to do a thing to get tracked by Asher...

You simple comment in an Engagement League post that you would like to join and @abh12345 will put you in and does everything each week.

All you gotta do is read his weekly post on a Sunday and see where you finished if you're so inclined. All metrics are tracked on your behalf. You don't actually do anything. Couldn't really be simpler and it will be a really good indicator to see how you compare against others with your engagement.

Nice! Ok. I’m on it!

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I want to see steem as number one blockchain platform and steem based dapps should be better than top social media platforms like Facebook ,Twitter and YouTube if I contribute aor create a value for steem to achieve this goal its true success for me after achieving this goal every user on steem should get equal benefits or rewards from it not only me

When I want to check how much successful I am on steem I check how much value I created for other users


Thanks for your support and encouragement

You said...

When I want to check how much successful I am on steem I check how much value I created for other users

This is a very magnanimous ethos indeed. I'm curious how you measure that? Are you saying that your only measure of success here is how helpful you are in creating the success of others?

Yes I don't want to be a selfish and greedy person if I help others to grow and learn on steem, solved there issues and problems to become successful its true success for me
I am sure if anyone help others he definitely get rewards and help by others in return of it

Ah yes, I see. I wonder, how are you helping people to grow and learn on steem? I might get some good ideas from you.

Steem is decentralize blockchain and I am not blockchain developer on back end I am just using dapps based on steem blockchain like @esteemapp esteem so I help others by posting helpful and valuable content and by resteem and sharing useful content, upvoting excellent posts and commenting on posts

I can't downvoted any post without any reason because everyone try to be successful on steem I want to help others to stay active and motivated but if I see any spamming and I'd theft related posts I definitely downvoted it

I think this a way to help others on this decentralize rewards based social media platform

It sure sounds like you have a good ethos and are working at doing your part for the success of steem and the greater community. I appreciate your 1% upvote on this post greatly, and your engagement of course.

All the best with your pursuit of steem success here.

All the best brother together we will definitely succeeded

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@Tarazkp thanks for your support and encouragement its really motivated for me

Full Success for me on STEEM would be reaching a point where I could live from the revenue it generates on a weekly basis. Not having to work to survive opens up so many more options as to how you spend your time. I would still have to be active as i'm happier to be busy but it could be with my own business or on a voluntary basis. Something that I do for joy rather than money.

Even if that stage never comes I would still call me journey here a success regardless of how it finishes as I have learned so much and had so much fun along the way. It's been time well spent over the past couple of years and I keep doing it because I enjoy it. otherwise I would have left a long time ago or when the prices crashed. It's why i keep active and try to promote steem externally so that we can all reach that stage of success and everybody here now benefits from the price of STEEM in the long run.

Pretty much how I see it as well. Having the ability to turn this into a sustainable income would certainly open up time and with time being something we can't stop in any way, having a little more of it to use would be great.

Thanks for your comments and thoughts.


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I guess Steem will be here if and when i get my shit straight and make time for it.

Final truck payment came out of account on Friday afternoon. No celebrations just yet. We will be playing catch up for a few more months.

Till then Enjoy some cat messages.

Look here.... i will put samantha on the keyboard......

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I'll show you my success if you'll show me yours ;)

I'm still working on mine so you might have to wait a bit...

Success here is if I can convince you to push your brother into the water next time you visit him!

To achieve that goal i am upvoting your post.

On a more serious note I’m mostly here for the ride, sorta blows my mind you can still make “money” here.

Hmm, I am pretty sure that could be arranged...A simple walk by the lake could very easily turn into a swim I'd say...

...make money here...

Well, I'm certainly not making any. I mean I'm collecting what eventually may be money, but so far nope, no money. Still, it's a better social media than the others which I find abhorrent so like I said in the post, I'll hang around until it's no longer fun.

Thanks for commenting. Keep an eye out for a lake-dunking post in July.

Success is like happiness, you feel successful when you feel good about yourself and what you do. It is a state that leads you to set goals for yourself and to achieve them. In particular, I don't think I will succeed here at Steemit but I feel good about what I do because I enjoy it and relate to a world that I never imagined existed or that I could walk. So it's an achievement for me to be in this network.

Why do you not think you will succeed here?

I wanted to say that I'm not successful but I still feel good about what I do. There are still many aspects that I don't master and don't understand. The point is that I really enjoy what I do here and what I've learned I pass on to others and that's important to me. Hugs.

Enjoying it is good enough. The main thing here is to have fun and it seems you are. 😁

That's correct. Thank you.
I don't speak English, I use a translator. (laughs)

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I mostly keep posting things and if my SP goes up then I know people (or person) are reading, at least lightly, my stuff. Compared to a blog I have that I don't think actually gets looked at this is a success.

I look at it this way: I am still enjoying myself here, posting, interacting, etc. As long as that continues I will call it a success. If I make a bit of money on the way, bonus.

Howdy again sir galenkp! I think you are a tremendous success for all the reasons you mentioned. For me it's been a social success.

A social success is indeed a success in itself so that's a big ✅

Yes sir, I had no idea it could be so fun, educational, fascinating and addicting!

Totally unrelated question - what's the meaning of Hive-174578. Been seeing similar tags like this and have no idea what it means

Hive tags are Communities. The #hive-174578 is the OCD community for instance, I started one called the Lego Community on #hive-142010...Because they are still in beta they don't have names as such except on steem-beta as per the link below.

I hope this helps.