Mack Anthem: Four - Prime mover complete

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In my hand I hold a...Hulking great big Lego truck! That's right champs, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived y'all! Mack Anthem truck completion! [Confetti rains from the skies, champagne flows and the chorus of angels sing songs of triumph and jubilation.]

I burned the flame way into the night last night...Way past my bed time to get the prime mover completed prior to the weekend as I'll be out competing all this weekend and won'f feel like working on it over that time.

Stage four revolved around the front end of the truck including the bumper bar, grille and hood (bonnet) section. You can see it below starting to take shape. I was quite surprised at how complicated the hood actually was. It tilts open and uses a quasi-cantilever system which gives it a double hinged tilt-action allowing the front grille clearance from the top of the bumper bar; It's pretty ingenious actually, but required some effort. In the top left image below you can see the inner-side of the hood and all the construction went into it. The upper right image shows the truck prior to the bumper assembly being fitted. (Note the iconic gold bulldog hood ornament which is common to all Mack trucks)


Here's a few images of the completed truck which I think is pretty cool. I love the bold grill/hood section and the fact they included some chrome grille-trim which probably isn't apparent in these phone photos. I'll grab better ones on my camera once the entire build is completed.

As you can see in the very top picture above the truck is quite large and once the trailer section is complete and coupled up the entire model will be 95cm long. (37 inches). I'm pretty keen to get it done, but there's three stages to go: 5, 6 and 7 and so it might be a couple weeks before it all comes together. I find it enjoyable so feel inclined to take my time with it.

20200123_200939-COLLAGE (1).jpg

Y'all are probably bored to death of my Lego builds by now, especially if you don't get into Lego yourself, however for me it's a way to zone-out, leave work and my other commitments at the door, and simply enjoy the process of creating something from a loose pile of plastic parts to something with form, shape and function.

I hope you're not too bored though, and that you feel inclined to comment...I mean, you don't need to know anything about trucks or Lego to do so...A simple, "G-dog, you're amazing," will work just as well as a comment about trucks or Lego building. Just kidding...Sort of. 😂

So feel free to leave a comment...Even if you think it's a shit Lego build feel free to say so. And for those who are keen to see the rest of the build come together make sure you drop past my blog regularly to have a look.

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G-Dawg!!! You're amazing!!!

Hehe, it's shaping up nicely, I am impressed you can drop phrases such as quasi-cantilever into a post. I'm like, shit, what's that!? :0)

That was a test to see who read all the way, or skimmed efficiently...You passed. 10/10 for the Boom-dawg! ⭐

Skimp champ since'84!!

Haha, that got me most of the way through high school! Lol.

"G-dog, you're amazing,"heheh
My grandson has done some really cool projects with legos, I think they are fun and amazing at what they can build. All you need is imagination and time.
Have a fun weekend,

Why thank you! 😂😋

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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wow beautiful photographs of big Lego truck. Nice post.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😉

I think it’s an awesome hobby ! I’m pretty jealous of the designers that work at LEGO- that must be a really fun job !

Yeah, I think so too...Playing with Lego all day long and getting paid! 😂

I've done some small LEGO builds (which I will post at some point), and some mini block builds (also will get posted at some point). Nothing as complicated or large as this however. The truck is looking good.

  ·  last month (edited)

It's pretty cool looking huh? I agree. Looking forward to seeing yours. Tag #lego in the post.

Oh that's looking good! So is the hard part over? The trailer thing is easier right?

I hVent looked at the plans yet. I think it may be as it won't have a gearbox although Lego Technic is always complex...Time will tell. The prime mover looks good though right?

Lego Technic is always complex because its shapes allows for a ridiculous amount of detail work XD Yes the prime mover does look good! :D

I'm keen to get the trailer started but have a few commitments in the coming days so it'll have to wait.

Damn you commitments, I shake my fist at yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


I know right? Bloody commitments. Here's the thing though...Because I was up super-early this morning I have managed to sneak in some Lego-ing this afternoon...Just about to start. Yay!

It's just amazing sir galenkp, amazing build, amazing job of BUILDING the build, amazing engineering and all the way around!

So...Amazing? Lol.

lol..yes sir...also brilliant to always have even more posting material available.

Yep, the more the better.