Insert steem-destroyer here: A post about commenting and other things

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Who's face belongs here?

It's not a rhetorical question...I'm asking you.

OK, if you're reading this, it's unlikely it's your face...If you're reading this you're probably not one of those people who seem intent upon destroying everything the rest of us have been working so hard to build. So...Who's face does belong src

Some of you may know that there's a group of individuals who incessantly, and insidiously, continue to downvote and grey out the comments of many users on steem...To what end I don't know. A few accounts seem to bear the brunt of it although many have received downvotes, simply for commenting upon the posts of those users the steem-destroyers are targeting.

It's a revenge thing I think, or maybe a desperate bid for relevancy and validation? I can see them now, hunched over their computers just waiting for someone to comment so they can get that wet dream satisfaction of downvoting it...But wet dreams aren't really that satisfying are they fellas?

A little while ago the steem-destroyers felt they could...

rape the rewards pool with impunity

through circle-voting and excessive self-voting on what could only be described as very poor quality content. It happened for a long time.

After the last hardfork that sort of behaviour became frowned upon by the community and those engaging in it redressed their ways, came on board with #newsteem and started to work towards a better steem. Not all though.

Some ignored the pleas of the community to stop their reward pool abuse, to work positively and collectively towards the greater good and to understand that through curation of others they could still earn very well here, like we all want to do. But no, they wouldn't see reason despite being given many opportunities to come on board with the rest of us. So, thanks to the efforts of several users these reward-pool-steem-destroyers were redressed. That's when they switched tactics and became wet-dream steem-destroying revenge-downvoters.

You see, if they were permitted to continue their rapey-ways steem as a whole would suffer...I don't know about you, but I've worked too damned hard at this to see it crumble due to the ego, hubris and greed of a few users too selfish to understand that steem had evolved and their selfish behaviour was redundant.

Remember, reward pool-abuse...

takes steem away from you, and everyone else here!

Yes, even you. Even if you sit on the fence, try to keep your head down and mind your own business.

Furthermore, the poor behaviour, downvoting comments simply out of revenge and letting that spill over into the community at large impacts steem in so many other negative ways. Imagine if you were a new user engaging with me for the first time and every time I made a comment, or you did, someone downvoted it and greyed it out. How long would you stay around? Not long.

I don't know what it's all about, what those few accounts hope to gain...I mean...

The damage to their credibility has reached full penetration I think, and there's probably no coming back from it

and instead of enjoying the platform like you and I they sit around clicking downvote on comments possibly feeling empowered and validated in the process. Doesn't make much sense to me.

It doesn't change my behaviour though...Here's some stats for you...

  • 317 comments, 83,698 characters
  • 304 comments, 65,119 characters
  • 337 comments, 72,761 characters
  • 553 comments, 114,868 characters
  • 574 comments, 112,430 characters

Above shows the last 5 weeks of comments I have made as tracked and reported on @abh12345's Curation and Engagement League which you should be in. Simply follow the link above, comment that you want to be included and he will add you. You don't have to do any work - He does it all. It's a good way to see how you're tracking.

So, you can see that I comment a lot and with a lot of words usually; It's a lot of comments to downvote. I point this out for a reason.

I believe engagement is the best way, these days possibly the only way, to build your brand here, to push your exposure further and to do the same with your rewards. That means comments! Lots and lots of really good, valid and interesting comments on other people's posts. People respond back, and that's how relationships are created and maintained.

I have read that some people are commenting less, or are afraid to comment on the posts made by those being downvoted by the steem-destroyers I talked about in this post...But that's them censoring you right? That's crazy talk! The way to push forward is to do something, COMMENT, not do nothing!

So here's the thing...

Comment more. Comment a lot. Comment often. Comment with interest. Comment with validity. Comment...Comment...Comment...

Get it? It's the only way to move forward here...Maybe you didn't get it...

Comment. A lot.

You might get a downvote sure...But there's more value in commenting than not commenting, trust me on that. The thing is those trying to destroy what we have created, to turn it into a joke can only downvote so much...And they are isolated within their own little circle of knuckle-shucklers so yeah...

Enough said.

Nah, one more time...

COMMENT! A lot. Like, a shit-load!

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Next level commenting happens at steem meet ups, not only do we comment a lot we share tips and stories with each other.

This is then fed back into our interaction online and posting and commenting.

Yeah, I agree...There's a few users around steem I'd love to meet personally. Some I will get to do so this year when I am in Scandinavia.


Would be awesome to have an international steemian come to our adelaide meet up.

Yeah, I agree. Maybe one day my brother will be down here huh?

Definitely, you need to talk him into coming to visit.

Been trying...Hard to travel with @smallsteps considering that she has a few food allergies. I'm sure he'll make it and come to a meet up when he is here. He will probably bring @smallsteps too...She loves a beer! (Not really) Lol.

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An excellent post. It’s such an easy thing to destroy one’s own reputation here, and yet it’s much more rewarding both financially and emotionally to just avoid doing that.

If there are misunderstandings or differences between. Steemians they should dealt with the comments.
There are people talking about auto downvoting people just because heir downvote percentage is 100%. Surely, it would be best saved for bad actors, spammers, etc.

I have never understood why you’d invest heavily in something financially and then not want to have a positive return on your investment. I took what you said at the meeting onboard and have started implementing it and my commenting has increased drastically.

One time I did get involved with a comment flagging war but I could see it start to lower my reputation score. It was then that I decided to focus more on creating content and finding a community of people I liked and supporting them where I could.

Yeah, it doesn't make much sense I guess, but sometimes people hate themselves so much that that hate spills over and out of the decayed vessels that are their mind and hearts...That's when the hate reaches others.

Still, letting that outpouring of hate out doesn't negate it within.

Thanks for commenting.


Thanks for replying and for the engage tokens. They seem to be worth a little something on Steem-Engine.

I have seen a lot of people with potential go down that dark path and destroy their influence here.
But I have always taken a slow and steady approach, well until now, where I am going to be a bit more focused on building this account up. :)

We all know what happened to Anakin Skywalker when he followed the darkside. Lol.


Yeah, build it bro. Engagement will help you do that. You're welcome for the tokens too. I kinda like handing them out. Makes me feel like that uncle everyone has who always hands out money when he comes over.

It's OK...
I have the high ground.



Thank you.

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I never understand those flagwars. If a misunderstanding pops up, isn't it just better to mute each other until you settle your differences? Or better yet, just ignore each other.

Tell me, can I mute the downvotes? All I can mute is the awareness of who is attacking us.

Just the awareness but that's something that should be considered in the next fork. Perhaps reserve the right to allow certain people vote on your posts.

These were white supremacists who wouldn't see reason and just started attacking me. Eventually I just got sick of their nonsense and decided that I could make more money by actually creating great content.

Great move tbh.

Its been really annoying to be honest and I've felt like approaching the account owners of the wetdream downvoters a couple of times but it would really suck if my posts which are my means of survival also gets flagged. So I just observe.

Acid and Dan's posts are part of their top targets and despite their attempts, I still interact anyways but that's just me.

still interact anyways but that's just me

Way to stay strong brah.

There's always going to be those who feel an outpouring of hate, negativity or general vitriol will advance them in some way...Then there's those like you who just get on with the business of living your best life and being the best version of yourself.

I appreciate your comment @belemo


Thanks man. I just want to enjoy life. Much appreciated

Seems like you're doing a good job, or at least are on the right track. Keep it up.

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I feel like engagement is going up a little bit - I'm sort of back myself after a long period of 'feeling down on Steem' and mostly scrolling through my feed late at night when I didn't feel like commenting anymore because I already was falling asleep :D But engagement is everything for this platform and it seems you're doing good - both giving and receiving comments :-) Cheers and keep it up!

Hello there, and thanks for commenting.

I go through stages like that, feeling a bit down on it, but I always seem to feel better after reading a few posts and making some comments.

I'm not one to get pushed around in life and I refuse to reduce activity because others try to impose their will upon me. In fact I'm the opposite...Poking me, as some seem wont to do with downvotes, only firms up my resolve, makes me push further, do more, work harder...I'm dependable like that.

Engagement is important, as you have noted and the more of us that do so, the further the trash gets washed into the cesspit in which they belong.

Thanks for your comment, and visiting my post in the first place.


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In my case, as long as I will have something to say, I will comment. Just engaging for the sake of being seen out there is not my thing. I don't have too many posts in my feed though, nowadays and that's what I need to improve on my blog. Need some more material to glance through. Totally agree with you that engagement is the best advertising way for one's blog. Only rare cases make themselves known just by posting. Overall I appreciate engagement on Steem as it is far superior of the facebook and instagram one. It is straightforward and that's how I consider it to be.

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Sounds like you have a good thought process around engagement; Yes, engaging for no reason isn't legit, but for a new user I see it as such a good way to gain some exposure...What better way than to reach out directly onto the person's blog one want to engage with. It worked for me when I was starting out, and still does today.

Thanks for commenting.


Just use a straight bat, mate, like you always do!

If your technique is right, it takes very little time to hit the rope, even against Bret Lee ! :)


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Smashin' 4's and 6's mate! Lol


That remains one of the most deadly and productive shots in the game. It’s so simple and so little movement! Especially when you consider Bret clocks above 90 miles an hour regularly! :)

Been used to great effect many times.

By the way, I'd not be keen to face a BL delivery...A bit too much for me to handle I think.

Also below is the current drawdown on the spammer @flysky. At only 6%. Once it reaches 0% he will have to either stop or draw down on his UV mana. Let’s get the sucker and his brother @dobartim. I want him out of steem!


Like your statements and agree on the comments, comments, comments. The bigger issue is how do we remove those abusers from the system or de-value their downvote if their rating is low? Yes, they could create new accounts, but they will soon tire of that back and forth as well. Most experienced users simply ignore these as common pests, but it can be an emotional blow to new users just getting into the community. Let's remember that encouraging new users with quality posts is what helps us build and grow stronger. I for one make a point to look at introduction posts at least once or twice a week and upvote some, while welcoming them. I remember how nice it was when starting out to get that first nice upvote! Let's keep building!

I agree with everything you say here and could have said it better.

There's nothing more to add I guess...Except, here's some ENGAGE.


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Wow and thanks for that! After I thought more, I wondered if maybe the wonderful programmers here could simply add a requirement that simply limits downvoting capability to those with say minimum 30-40 reputation. That would require the spammy downvoters to participate in a legitimate way for at least a while, and then also remove that power from them when they abuse and get downvoted themselves. It would also keep them from just creating new bogus accounts to downvote from. Many I've seen are in the negative reputation numbers, and I wonder why they are allowed to stay.

I think the best way to go is just to ignore the trolls and keep doing stuff in the most supportive manner possible. They just don't have enough power to bring down what is being created here and I don't think that they are making much profit from trying to mess other people's efforts.


Yes, I agree. Their poking of the g-dog bear only makes me work harder, post more, comment more and curate more. So, they're doing a good thing I guess.

There's a cesspit waiting for them somewhere.


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I don't get the whole thing, doesn't the success of what is going on with Steemit somewhat impact the price of Steem. It seems to me that these knuckleheads don't get the big picture, that a successful platform is also good for them.
Holding a grudge against a person is a conscious choice, a choice you're entitled to, but to bring down others along the way is reprehensible. A virtual tug of war is going on, could you imagine if all those participating on Steemit pulled in the same direction.

Yes, you're right. I'm not the only one getting flagged like this...Many others too.

tarazkp, abh12345, pharesim, acidyo, azircon, cervantes, theaustrianguy, joshman, themarkymark, uwelang, meesterboom, bashadow, curangel and way more. Why? because those people are responsible enough to redress the poor behaviour of those pool-raping with circle-voting and trash-posting and taking rewards away from all users.

I wonder, if others took a stand at that time rather than hiding in case they received a downvote, what would have been achieved. Still, in the future I believe that those of us who stood tall will be happy that we have done so.

For me it won't make me run and hide. I'm not that guy and those who poke at me in real life are quick to see it. Here, for those hiding behind a computer sitting with some KY jelly on the table, and their pants off, jacking-off each time they downvote...Well, have at it y'all. I'm not the guy who goes running or hiding.


Since joining the platform in May 2018, I have totally enjoyed my experience. I do my thing and have yet to draw the unexplained wrath of these individuals. I like your attitude, you had me lol while reading the last paragraph.
One of the very best authors on Steemit, @dandays was pegged by some of the same knuckleheads you are talking about. I totally understood his frustration with this bullshit downvoting thing. He brings so much to the table, and he pours his heart and soul into most everything he shares with the community.

What was it that he did wrong, make us introspect, wonder, evaluate, consider, share, rethink, imagine, enjoy, and always make us laugh, as he took us along on a journey that most of us will only ever be able to imagine.
You talk about unwarranted bullshit.

I hear you with this damaging practice of improperly and spitefully down-voting author's work. The only real way to solve this problem is as a community. If there is anything I can do on my part, please explain!


Thanks my friend!!

@dandays does a good job...And what did he do wrong? Probably commented or voted up someone's post whom these haters hate...Just like you have here.

It's a choice though. You chose to comment because you wanted to, many would choose not to in fear of catching a 0.01 downvote for commenting on my blog. That's them allowing someone who doesn't matter censor them.

You may never see it, a reprisal downvote, but if you do you'll treat it like I do, as part of the process. There's always haters willing to hate.

By the way, I'm not against downvotes; They are there for a reason. You know, I gave @krazzytrukker a couple a few weeks ago. You know why? *Because he asked me to! That's right, he multi-posted something that had rewards on it, only a few cents but he asked me to DV it to send the rewards back to the pool because his on downvote wouldn't fully wipe it out. That's a valuable community member right there!

Glad you liked the last paragraph of that last comment. I was going to make it more graphic, but felt it made my point just as it is. Lol.

Enjoy your week in FL cobber. (Cobber means mate, buddy, pal etc. Aussies say it sometimes - Ones like me anyway.)

Xxxxxxxxxx.... Actly Right...!!!

I caught the "Fleas Bots"

DV Bot fleas from calling out Camille(Shit)Steemer by name.

Now I get 20+ meaningless bug bite DV's every post. I know it means nothing, but many do not and it makes my posts look stinky, even tho they smell goooooooooood..... LoL

Sammi Jo says... "FLEAS...!! WTF...!!"8h64rv.jpg

Some people like to be destructive rather than constructive.

Most all of the people I have run into here on Steemit are good people doing the right thing. I feel sorry for those who find enjoyment in purposefully hurting others, very sad.
Any more graphic on the last paragraph and I would have had to censor it before I pointed it out to #farm-mom. 😉😉

Any more graphic on the last paragraph and I would have had to censor it before I pointed it out to @farm-mom.

Haha, well to be honest, it was graphic enough as it was...Not a thought I'd prefer to have in my head.

Ummm @galenkp??? Calm down will ya, I could tell you were fired up, nuff said.

You think that was fired up? Hmm, OK you haven't seen one of my rants then. I haven't done one for a while though. I must be getting mellow in my old age.

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If only I had more time every single day to comment and engage. I kind of miss being in the engagement leagues honestly, it wasn't only fun but I connected to quite a few new people (new to me) as well. I just can't manage to read all the posts and comment as well. I hate leaving a short comment only. So, even though I sometimes don't comment, I do read :) I just hate leaving meaningless comments hehe.

Engagement is defo the way to go!

Engagement is defo the way to go!

Defo...Are you an Aussie? Lol.

Yeah, engagement is cool, provided it's done the right way, as you point out. There's little point in adding a comment on my post that goes,

Good post dear.

I meet that with general loathing and will respond with something reasonably pointed.

Anyway, I defo appreciate your comment.


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 last year 

I'd like to see other communities (Perhaps those embracing KYC) roll out frogcake-style comment bots. It's a nice little sweetener to roll up your sleeves each day.
I tend to scroll through my feed, open 20 or so posts I want to focus on; and comment on each of them in turn. Sometimes the author has done such a great job I have literally nothing to add; so he gets a bigger vote instead :)

We have @rhymebot live, and even though I don't detect a rhyme here, I'll show you :)

We have done whitelisted curators, to prevent abuse, but with 100 of these out there we could really cover a lot of different uses!

I've come to expect balanced and intelligent comments from you and this one is another example. The frogcake thing is still working well I think right? I see a vote come in here and there. I'm surprised to see more not do something similar. It's also good how you have parameters set around it.

 last year 

Thanks :)
Keeping multi-accounting at bay is the big limiting factor. Without actually verifying that each account belongs to a separate human being, we'd find any lucrative bot/service overwhelmed with alts almost immediately.
This is the main reason behind the 3 meetups rule.
So many advantages to meeting in person; we've literally only just scratched the surface.

Nobody is going to stop me commenting and flagging abuse. I believe too strongly in Steem to change my ways. We have to accept that there will be troll here and we cannot stop them operating, but they are outnumbered and cannot flag us all. Let them use up their voting power on me if they like. They can't do much about my rep.

That's the spirit...I think the same. I don't mind the flags...It's like the tall poppy syndrome. Those too lazy or uninspired to achieve something great themselves tearing down those who do.

Keep talking and ignore the bs, sounds like a plan to me.

I think you are right, probably best for the accounts in question to reset, or go find something else to do.

Thanks for the EL mention!

I remember sometime ago, I started getting downvoted from 3 accounts belonging to one person and I asked why. The downvoter said I commented on his/her enemies post, and so I’ve automatically become his enemy. Fortunately, he stopped. This days I prefer commenting on people below the rep of 70 as they have few enemies.

I prefer commenting on people below the rep of 70 as they have few enemies.

That is actually not a bad shout for a couple of reasons :)


Thank you for the tokens

Revenge downvoting happens, obviously. It's your prerogative to vote for, or comment on, whomever you like although if you limit your comments to certain reputation scores you're being censored and controlled...Keeping a low profile, flying under the radar like that, may keep you clear of it for a while, but if and when you are targeted, it's those larger accounts you have chosen to avoid who can often heal any downvoting you incur. Still, it's always the users choice.

Thanks for stopping by and making a comment.


You do have a point. It wi be good to have high profile friends to defend you in such a time

There are many people out there doing a lot of good on steem, curating under-rewarded posts, supporting new users and helping them to develop and grow...Not just larger accounts either. To limit your comments to only a particular group limits you and your potential growth.

Anyway, all the best with it; I hope to see you around some more.

Alright, thank you

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The EL has been awesome for me to see where I'm at with engagement compared to a lot of really great accounts. I'm not sure why I wasn't on it earlier, but now I am it's been a revelation. Everyone should be on it.

Cheers :)

Well, you do have to make it to the top 100 to get a stats update, but I don't think it's really that hard to make it in to the lower ranks.

That reminds me, I need to send some ESTM out for last week....

I think I simply wasn't on the list...Now I'm authorised it's on like donkey kong. :)

I was Donkey Kong champion in Grade 6. The EL is even better... can we have a theme tune @abh12345?

Grade 6 Donkey Kong champ...Now that's obviously on your CV right?

I tell every one who cares to listen... one of proudest moments of life. Beating boys was always important to me ;p

Haha! Own it girl! ✅😉

As long as I don't have to sing, sure!

Donkey Kong, was never any good at that one - I need a game of stamina, that sends the opposition to sleep :)

Frogger bro. That was my game. That little bugger always almost always made it across that road. No one else seemed to like it and so I dominated.

Frogcake likes Frogger too :)

Donkey Kong Tunes eh?

Yeah! over here a more verbatim version specifically for the interpellated!
Like Don King playing Donkey Kong Country at his cousin's house! };)

Love it!!!!!!

I don't think it's really that hard to make it in to the lower ranks.

I manage, so you are right... ;p

To grab the last slot i needed 6 full flags from marius. Its not as 'easy' as it seems :) (@ecoinstant)

a shitload

So Aussie... 🐨

Haha! Seemed appropriate.

How are ya, ya bonza sheila?


And relax the HF curve which is not an incentive for engagement

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hey mate, I don't really know what this means but thanks for stopping by nonetheless.

Means that there is not an incentive right now for commenting.

Here's one!

!ENGAGE 25 :)

edit: Well it would have been had the command worked!

Hahaha! Anyway, thanks dude!

I sent you some from my own stash. I think Steem-engine is having a few issues today and the bots could well be struggling too.

How does engage token work?

It's a vanity token really, but does hold a little value at present.

Those with 1000 can (usually) call @misterengagement who will send some tokens to the engaging person.

More here: @misterengagement

Ah ok, fair enough. I've heard others say that although in my mind I think if less people are commenting that's when I want to engage more which may cause those I comment on to take notice of me. I think those relationships I build now may pay dividends in the future.

I could be wrong of course, and everyone has their own thoughts on the matter.

Thanks for clarifying. Have a great weekend.

Have a good weekend too!

I'm comin' in hot on Sunday with Saturday smashed out with passion and gusto.

Problem is Monday...Still working on my reason not to go to work. :)

Wonder if they will down vote this comment?

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They might...But I think they have favourite targets, and I'm one of them so probably more chance they'll hit me. All good though, I'm irresistible after all, I don't blame them for being my groupies.


Posted using Partiko Android

And they did. Predictable as fuck.

Man, that's a lot , on an average 45+ comments a day 🙆 , it must be taking couple of hours at the least ?

It doesn't seem so hard for me to be honest. I could probably do a lot more. I tend to be quite efficient with my time, and I type fast.

I believe engagement is the best way, today may be the only way, to build your brand here, to drive your exposure further and to do the same in your reward.

I agree with you.
steemit has brought us to share history, culture, traditions and different environments, and through interaction we have shared everything in life
Thanks My friend

If we all move in the right direction we can achieve something cool.

If we all move in
The right direction we can
Achieve something cool.

                 - galenkp

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