Countdown to...Boom

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In true G-dog style I was unaware, clueless, oblivious...OK, you get the idea I guess.

I knew it was happening, the opportunity to move to a new blockchain for those who are keen; I just didn't know exactly when, until the indomitable @mattclarke enlightened me with a blockchain launch Countdown timer. As the name suggests, it is on the countdown to the launch time of the new chain. I thought I'd provide it for those who are in the same position as I am...That is, unaware, uninformed, ignorant or simply confused...No, not in general, just in relation to the new chain.

I wondered for ages (two seconds) about what image to use on this post and, of course, decided to pull out a hand grenade and photograph it. Abracadabra...And poof, here's that image!

Yes, this is a real hand grenade. Of course this one contains no explosives, and no firing mechanism and is indeed drilled through so none can be fitted...I wouldn't be so silly as to put a live grenade on the blockchain. However if this was live, one could pull the safety pin which will release the striker lever and begin to cook the grenade (i.e. begin the timer-delay process)...At that stage it would be advantageous to throw that mother-fucker away, preferably at something you wish to blow the fuck up. Job done.

So, the blockchain grenade is is hot...It's cooking and in the coming hours (refer to countdown timer) will go bang. It'll not be as fun as throwing real grenades but it's certain to take those who head on over there on a new journey. I'll be there, and I know you can't live without me, so...

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Bwahaha! Gold mate.


Who doesn't love Chuck?

Hi @brickmanbrad, I miss your posts.:(
And the first on Hive.
I hope you are safe and healthy and preparing to go back to Lego World where you are the king.:)

Thanks @steemean - Things have been crazy busy in my world lately, but we are all well. Hopefully the same goes for you and your family.

Hello @brickmanbrad.
I really happy that you are OK.
I never forgot you and I was worried. :(
We are all fine here.
Corona as been bad for our lives, but good for the planet.
I miss my friends in school, and I hope to see them in next school year.
I'm glad we are all in a new house, the Hive. :)
Big, big hug.

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 last year 

You ever throw a real grenade?
I've done half a dozen. There's no big fireball, just a loud bang, a small puff of smoke and a real bad day for anyone nearby.

Yep, it's not like the movies. It's all those little bits of hot metal that are keen to fuck your day up huh?

Thanks for the link👍

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No problem. Will happen overnight for us, very early hours of Saturday morning.

I think, it will be very lucky to be part of a new blockchain that is borne on a Friday , same as my birthday. Eager to see, how things are going to cook out on hive. Happy Friday.

Hopefully it happens and we cal all simply move on huh? Get on with content creation and engagement.

I don't like grenades they make a mess of the landscape :<

I just realised I should be wandering into established chaos as I might be able to poke in Saturday morning but likely won't be able to really get onto anything til afternoon XD

The world is always in a state of established chaos, as are everyone in it...Most just don't see it. Or want to see it.

I'm sure you'll be fine. It will be exactly the same, but different.

Great analogy with the grenade sir galenkp!