Power down period on Steem now reduced to 4 weeks. Are you powering down?

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What a day was yesterday!

I don't even want to begin to imagine how it was for those directly involved, I watched it from "miles" away and it was thrilling.

If you still don't know what was going on, here are two good reference points (before and after):

I'm not going to reiterate why HF23 on Steem was bad. Many others did that. What I can say is thank you for the free publicity and for validating my decision to move here on Hive from day 1, even if I haven't always agreed 100% with all decisions being taken.

There is another piece of HF23 on Steem that works in favor of the Hive community, I believe: the new 4 weeks power down period.

If you are already powering down on Steem, there are two possibilities:

  • you already received at least 9 weekly power downs, with at most 4 remaining; in this case, you should continue with the power down, it will end quicker.
  • you received less than 9 weekly power downs and you still have 5 or more remaining; in this case, the best choice would be to cancel existing power down and start a new one, because it will end in 4 weeks instead, which is quicker.

How do you know how many weeks of power downs do you still have?

To be honest I didn't know how myself, but after a search I found this tool. It tells you the week of the power down period you are in, along with with other relevant info about your power down. No need for private keys, obviously.


I am powering down ever since. The thing is that I kept on cross posting there and earned some more tokens. Hence I am waiting to get my load on Friday and after that happens will start a new four weeks power down. The way the trending page looks though it feels like the platform is becoming a chinese/korean one. It probably won't die but I don't see it getting too much attention anymore from the media and new users.

it feels like the platform is becoming a chinese/korean one

Makes sense. I don't want to sound a conspiracy theorist, but to me some warning bells sounded when a Chinese Government company kept scoring Steem in Top 10 and we bragged about it.

Update: I actually wrote about it back then on Steem.

Exactly. I was thinking at that a couple of times as well. Why would they do that. Now they have their own platform. For now there are still English speakers over there but who knows for how long they will be around.

When I come across Steemit, I upvote any posts on the Trending page I can't read. At least it will be useful for something if it becomes a culture-specific version like Golos. They'll have to deal with spam, speculation and censorship, but that's what they've chosen.

I had good conversations with English-speaking Korean users, but the crypto culture is focused on speculation in Korea and China, even more than in Europe and the US. It's not simply an Asian thing, I think there's more interest in blockchain development in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong for example.

Korean investors were the people who pushed Steem Dollars above $5. I have mixed feelings about the Hive price blowing up after being listed on Huobi. We haven't earned that valuation yet.

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