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RE: Hive Forest - Adopt a Tree for Charity

in OCD7 months ago

Thank you for doing this! I have tried before to donate and I don't know if it's because the money I am sending is CAD, I would do the transaction, it would be accepted and then later on I would get an email refusing the donation. So this way absolutely works! I sent a donation and adopted No. 35. When I get more Hive in my Wallet, I will be sure to donate more!


Thank you so much for your donation @foxyspirit. Pointy star is a nice one!

I always find overseas transactions a bit complicated not to mention you often get charge quite hefty fees. One reason I'm donating through Nicky's challenge is so I can push the hard work onto him 😁

Crack the whip on him! :P

You're welcome ^_^ I'm happy to do it.

Thanks a lot for the donation meuf 😊 I know you had some trouble before with the justgiving page so hopefully this will be an easier way