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As developers, we know best that sometimes the best way to avoid an idea block is to just start coding (Weeks of coding can save hours of planning, but that's for another story)

Here we are talking about writer's blocks. Coming up with an enjoyable piece of literature can be as challenging as programming, sometimes even more so.

Prompts (live at is a simple app that I made for writers to exercise their brains hopefully recover from a writer's block.

The sleek homepage

Prompts works by fetching story prompts from the r/WritingPrompts subreddit and presenting them to you in a minimalistic editor where you can complete the rest of the story.

Prompts editor

There are several options to spice up the challenge - you can set yourself a timer and see how much you can write in a fixed amount of time and also calculate your typing speed

Timer and typing speed

Once you are done, you can keep the story you wrote for yourself by exporting it as a document. If you didn't like the prompt you got you can always load another prompt from the menu.

Prompts is hosted with Deta Micros. Deta's Micros or Micro Servers lets you host your Python and Node.js apps in seconds with just their CLI tool. Check out more about them at

The code for prompts is open-source at my GitHub here. Any contributions are welcome! (If you are planning to run it locally, the instructions to set up your own Deta Micros are given in the repo's file)

Prompts is also featured in ProductHunt. You can check it out here

What do you think about prompts? What features would you like to add to prompts? Share your feedback in the comments!

Also published on DEV community by the same person


So, are these writing prompts used for writing fiction?🤔

Originally, YES. But can we used for anything. It takes your mind in a different direction.


Thanks Looftee and yes it can be used for fiction and as Sid says, it does give surprising prompts

Said this before on Discord and wish to share again: really lovely tool! Thank you for making it happen.

Question: can one search by word?

I dont think so, Sid. I asked him and he said he not implemented that code. That would have been a great addition though and thanks a lot for your support.

I've been writing fiction for a while and using the subreddit(writing prompts).

I will try this out and will share about it 🤓.

Thanks dear

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