Is vandalism always bad? When is vandalism good?

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Justice in vandalism

Vandalism is always good if done against the private propriety of banks and mega corporations in general. Those entities are the ones that both earn and evade taxes the most. It's not going to hurt them, since they can use their undeserved wealth to repair it anyway.

Why should you have peace of mind while you're committing this so-called crime? Because it doesn’t harm anyone except their CEOs and corrupted associates who work against the common good while leaving employees underpaid. If you know of a multinational corporation, make sure you screw them up. Just don’t get caught.

USA looks like as if it is the country where things are screwed up the most. While the world is trying to put an end to the loopholes, the U.S. walks out on global digital tax negotiations. If you are not in the US, never vote for a politician who has ties with them. It's even worse than usual with those.

Just remember, there is no such thing as country governance anymore. Politicians only get a chance to enter a party if they can be manipulated into serving corporations or if they already hold agreements with some. Since you have to pick people to vote for, side with whoever gets along with national-only businesses. If you want the government to take care of you, be a threat to mega corps in one way or another.





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