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RE: C is for: Thoughts on censorship, downvoting and token value

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Good day @tarazkp, your article was interesting and informative. I never downvote anyone, I guess I just associate it with negativity and that's not what I am all about. If I find something offensive, I just ignore them. But it's funny that just lately, I have noticed a few red arrows with a -10% from a very low rep person that I have never met on the blockchain. I am such an infant when it comes to this new place called steemit, I am trying to learn more about it everyday.
We haven't heard from @smallsteps in awhile, she is adorable by the way. I just recently figured out that you are @galenkp brother and the niece he gushes about is smallsteps. Well done.
Have a great day!


If I find something offensive, I just ignore them.

Ignoring doesn't stop reward pool abuse though. The offensive stuff, to each their own and these days, people are offended by very little.

Don't worry about those 10% downvotes at all, they are from a group organised by one person and they are harmless.

Yes, she has been quiet lately because of a couple reasons, but mostly she has been a bit ill, we have been trapped indoors a lot and - she is very busy ;D

A lot of people do no realise we are brothers it seems. We are all looking forward to @galenkp visiting in the summer :)

Enjoy your day too :)

Thanks for letting me know about those -10% downvotes, I feel better.
Sorry to hear she's not feeling well.
I heard about the summer visit and know your brother and Faith are looking forward to it also, that's great.

downvotes can feel bad even when they are insignificant in value, just because we are wired to take criticism personally. I think the trick is, do what you do and don't care what others think. Those accounts are automated, they aren't reading your work. The downvotes I am getting are from people who don't read my stuff either.