Report of May 2020

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So much material has accumulated unpublished that I need to write at least two posts a day! And everything is very necessary and interesting, I want to show everything and tell about everything. Eh, there would be more time for writing posts, I would...

Once a month, I create a folder on my computer where I select photos of a documentary nature that are interesting in my opinion. And once a month I try to choose the best from this folder and show you. These are just random photos that can be taken both during work and outside.

If I often repeat any thoughts about photography, any statements, then do not pay attention. Someone may not have read the last time, or someone didn’t immediately get the idea.

So, I repeat again: reportage photography includes almost all genres of photography. Street, minimalism, graphics, landscape, portrait, macro - all this can be included in any report.

But reportage photography can still be distinguished from other genres. For myself, I determined some criteria by which this or that photo can be attributed to the reporting and documentary.

Colour. In reportage photography it will never be flashy-saturated, if this is not the most basic and most important thing in the plot. More often in the photo pale colors, but gamma is taken into account.

Light. Reporting photographs can be taken absolutely in any weather and at any time of the day. The main condition is that there are no overexposures, but often there may be completely black areas in the photo.

Contrast. Reporting photography is almost always a contrast. The black point will be in priority, and then the white point.

In the main role in reportage photography, there is always a person, even if he himself is not in the picture. But do not forget about secondary objects.

Humor, meaning, context - all this should be present in the frame. Well, or the picture should reveal some action or point to a place.

Composition. Most often, a classic composition is present in the reporting photography, but violations of the rules are possible for the sake of enhancing the perception effect.

Reportage photography is very difficult. You need to be able to shoot everything in different styles, but adhere to the canons of reportage photography!

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