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RE: Drop point down under

in OCDlast year

That's beautiful! Got me some serious blade envy!


It's tough AF huh? Man, I love it! I have it beside me here and it just begs to be used. I'm keen to get it earning its keep. (I'm grinning right now. Can't help it.)

I'm going to get a sheath made, not sure what yet, probably leather though, something to match the ruggedness of the blade itself. Kydex just doesn't feel right for it. I'm open to ideas though.

Kydex just doesn't seem right, but there's some advantages to it. I guess go with what you know best or already have on your other tools.

Loads of advantages to kydex but I'm looking for something more rustic I think...Of course, it needs to be serviceable as well. Probably leather I guess, although I have no other leather pouches etc. I'm not so interested in coordinating stuff though really...No one out in the bush to rate my style-factor. Lol.

Leather is quieter. Kydex has that swiick sound. But yeah, leather needs maintenance - but not as much as a knife. Lol. I hear you on coordination - I'm walking earth tones and mixed camo. As much as I try to standardise, some things just aren't easily available without a hefty budget. I have a lot of UCP/ACU because it was cheap.

I often look like a fashion-retard when I'm in the bush...I sort of pride myself on it really. My wife says, "those camo's don't go together" and I'm like, yeah babe, that's the idea, with a grin on my face. Around town, well, I try to get my camo-coordination half right in case one of my mates sees me. Lol.

The durability of kydex, especially in the wet, is a big plus but here in Australia my issue isn't really the wet...It's the opposite, leather will dry out easily however some dubbin will usually solve the issue.