Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why?

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I follow @anomadsoul, @fmbs25 and @schamangerbert

(Eric) @anomadsoul

To one of the people who is @ , who I consider to be a very creative person, very active and with a lot of vision about the steemit community.

He is also a person who gives a lot of support to the Spanish speaking community.

He has published many very interesting and helpful posts, for example 2202.pnghttps://steemit.com/contest/@anomadsoul/contest-or-my-2020-just-a-normal-day-or-tons-of-steem-waiting-for-you

And this interesting project2203.png

(Francis Berroteran) @fmbs25


I follow @fmbs25 for being a beautiful little witch in the kitchen, as she prepares some delicious dishes and explains step by step her procedure

fb25 a.jpg

She has published interesting articles on natural products, for example:fb25 b.jpg


(Schaman Gerbert ) @schamangerbert


Another person I admire and follow is @schamangerbert, since he organizes chess tournaments with the members of the steemit community.

He also participates and has proven to be an excellent chess player

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