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Friends, for a long time I wanted to write a post on this topic and generally raise these issues - which personally bother me, and not only me.

I must say right away that I am not a writer, but an artist - therefore I will write as I can and ask you not to find fault with the wording. And the questions, in my opinion, are very important and concern the entire art community, and especially the Russian one.

And I want to talk about the inadequate attitude of some people to creativity. Those who believe that artists putting their work online should silently listen to everything including hate and frankly erroneous opinions. These are people who believe that some kind of sports concepts are stronger, faster and higher applicable to creativity. All these opinions are mostly of a critical nature, and in the opinion of critics (yes, these are not critics, but critics) you must agree with them. Otherwise, a flurry of sewage will pour out and not on work, but specifically on you - the artist. Favorite phrases - "you are a ChSVeshnik", "you don't have to be a chef to say that the dish is salty", "why put your work on the network at all - draw on the table", "you degrade with this position", "what do you want only to hear positive things about your works, so that they would only praise you yes "?

Yes, I would like to hear only positive feedback and, it’s not a ChSV. Any person who has invested in something strength and soul would like to hear praise. And no, I'm not ashamed of my position - not at all ashamed! Because everything that I draw ... all the themes that I raise in my work or are personally important for me or are orders of other people. I put a lot of effort into all this work and do it to the limit.

And my attitude to creativity does not lie in the fact that I would like to become cool and draw me cool art. No, I don't have such a plan and desire - I like to draw what I paint - it brings me the joy of creativity and money. And I don't need to impose the wishes and dreams of other people. This is my life. Yes, I have a need for drawings to be more free. For example (and yes again he is) David. He's my muse without him in any way))) For example, I would like my skill in drawing (more free) of this character to grow, so that I could better convey a human figure, a pose of emotion - not because I have to to be able to, but because I need it for my ideas. And so I try to develop in this direction, and you know whoever says what there is growth. I realized this when I felt freedom - that I can draw him in one position or another, etc. if this freedom has appeared, then the skill that gives it has appeared. So much for your height) This is how it feels in my opinion) and people from the outside may not see it - they don't know how much easier the process of creating a picture has become for me, but I know that. And the main thing is that I know this.

A post about adequate criticism in the next post.


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