That sunny disposition.

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"A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition."- William Arthur Ward.storm391373__480.jpg


The man who has a sunny disposition will always outdo a stormy/cloudy day no matter how long it lasts.

In life and as we struggle to get through the day, cloudy days pop in more often than sunny days and if you wait to get the sunshine from the day amidst the various challenges life throws at you, you may never get to live your life.

Develop a sunny disposition and you will be that soul that gets hot from within when it is cold and chilly outside.

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I choose to be that man with a sunny disposition. There is no time to waste. No matter the challenges that I encounter, I must face them with that hot burning passion within me.

That's a very good picture. The activity in the pic reminds me of pastoral work. Thanks so much for sharing.