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The box is an enclosure that provides some security for the item (valuable or not) that is placed inside of it for as long as it stays inside.
The box is secured and has a lock set that allows you keep it and everything in it really safe.

When you take your valuable item(s) out of the box, you lost the feeling of security and may end of losing your valuable and that thought scares everyone, but not me.



Thinking of how we as humans like to feel secured makes me see the box as our comfort zones that drives us to the lows of our lives when we dare step out.

The box is a good place to keep your valuable and it allows for the best frame of mind for when you want to feel safe about your choice of keeping your item, but it kind of translates into how we tend to live our lives and follow through with our pursuits.

Life makes us all want to stay hidden in fear and it does really put us in a box which we subconsciously agree to stay in and follow through with its rules.
Some make their life about not what they can do but what they think life thinks they can do.

The "inside the box" mentality drives low productivity in man and allows for very few to take the lead in innovative forward move in life.
You must never stay inside the box because you feel safe, you stand to loose more if you make your life all about boundaries.

The risk in life is not tamed or curtailed by staying away from what we see as risk, but when we take the supposed risk head-on and give it our very best to stay ahead and alive despite the shades of boredom we are faced with.

Try taking a walk away from the box and you will see that there is more to life than just being safe because we have a comfort zone.
Staying inside a box and hoping to get innovative or better improved in life is like keeping $1,000.00 in a box and hope to return in 2 months to see it doubled to $2,000.00.
It is safe for sure (that is if it didn't burgled) but it definitely will make no economic sense because it is just static. And also, it can get burgled and everything stolen in the fastest time.

Allow the box stay the box and you move with the tide that makes good meaning to life.
When you think outside the box, you will be positioned to see success happen faster than it will be when you stay inside the box.

Make the world a better place for someone today!


Comfort zone usually feel relaxing and seem to be a place of security. At the moment it feels so until one sees the future damage and the limitations it placed on someone. Only thinking outside the box could truly help unleash great invention and break the usual norm

Comfort zones are cool and they make us feel better for the time being because it is what life has alot of.
When you think outside the box, you create a level playing field for yourself that will allow forward move to success.

Stay Awesome!

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