Live forward!

in OCD2 months ago (edited)

"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward."- Kierkegaard Soren.


Live your life forward while taking a cue from history or whatever remains of the past.
You cannot live your life backward and expect to see forward and rewarding results.

The past may define the way you take the path you want and should take today and not to one where you should live your now.
Don't get tossed off your path and whenever life serves you a mean treat, smile the plate away and stay positive.


The moment we allow the future be our drive, we are strong enough to take droplets of lessons from the past and create a profitable path path will lead to joy.

To innovate, you must plan forward while taking leads from things created before now so as to be able to improve on the old model.
Nothing is created from nothing, everything we need for the future already has a fraction of it existing in the past either in words, thoughts, almost finished or completely finished samples made for that time.

Understand life's model backward and be sure to live forward, no one walks backward and expects not to get struck by something or fall into a dish; But you can look over your shoulders while walking forward.

Live forward and even if you get told of a better life when you live backward, don't stop going forward because everything behind you has been lived before and just needs to be improved upon.

Make the world a better place for someone today!