How you bear, counts.

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"Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it."- Merle Miller.


"Every man with his own cross to bear" is one very common word we hear when a man is being told to fight his battles, by himself and alone.
In other words, your cross is your burden and truth be told, you have to bear and carry it the best way you can or how well you think you can.


Personal battles(burdens) are usually meant for the individual alone and no matter the number of friends, fans, family members or admirers he may have, he must go through the field alone and by himself.

There is nothing wrong with having people around you whom you can share your worries with; and it isn't a crime to want to seek help from people around you whenever you are in a pickle, but, it isn't your right to get help.

The burden of responsibility lies with you and when you cannot hold on the principles, you cannot hold out to stay long enough to win the battle.

You must learn to carry your burden in such a way that, it doesn't kill you or put you in trouble and you must not allow that burden put a strain on you and on the lives of those who are close and around you.

No matter how hard it seems or be always appear, make sure to not allow it break you down before it starts. Tackle the issues one string at a time and never make fear the reason why you are living to fulfill your life.

It is your right to win irrespective of the battles that comes your way. The fear factor will always creep in and that there is the moment of truth that will tell the world how you carry your cross.

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