How the process shapes you matters.

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"The blessedness of taking on life without fear is not that we always win by doing that, it is more about the person we become by finding the discipline, courage, and commitment to achieve them."- 😊


Emphasis placed on recognition or rewards when we are working to improve on our lives is usually the biggest pull away from reality.

"The world doesn't exactly follow you when you are grinding, they only wait to tell your story how you want them to."


Doing stuffs because you feel you need to be recognized, celebrated or rewarded is no way to get along because, when those are not playing out you will not want to continue.

Do the best you can for you and never worry your pretty head about the challenges or how to not have them. You will understand your life better when you are challenged and tried in out.

Don't go setting your goals because you want the recognition or reward, set the goals because the outcomes (either good or bad) will leave you better off than you started.

Genuinely pursuing your goals will leave you with new skills, discipline, courage and dedication that will give you a second chance to take on life when that chance arises.

Remember that, no matter how sweet the results may be or taste, no result is final. Even the sweetest moments are subject to change.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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