Dare!!! or Nothingiii

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Life is a daring adventure that stares you straight on in the eyes and screams over the loudest microphones, "bring it on sucker or stay down!".


Misconception about what life is and how it should be seen, regarded, lived and accepted, trails the human mind and for the weakest link, life always wins over. The game that is life is rigged from the get go.


Why Dare?

Truth be told, you have got to dare more than tell the truth because, the truth is usually not available in the scale that we will expect it to be.

To dare is "to defy or challenge someone to do something. It is also about having the courage to do something that one may not think possible to do."

To defy means "to openly resist or refuse to obey the norm and forge ahead with what may seem impossible to take on or try on."
Winners defy the fear and dare the impossible to get the trophy.

The human mind is programmed o be awesome and amazing with strength unlimited but, life has reprogrammed the mind to see fear as the call point of our pursuit and that has in more ways than one, destabilized our process flow of moving from the point of winning to the point where winning seems impossible and like a myth.

Dare to be different and you will eventually feel and appear different. Truthfully stay scared and you will only ride your horses in the dark recesses of your mind.

Dare! Dare!! Dare!!! and let the truth be seen because you dared.

Make the world a better place for someone today!


Definitely inspirational. To live, we then must dare :)

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Yes, we must dare and dare to dare because failing to dare will mean the start of a life of daring losses and regrets.

Stay Awesome!


You too :)

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