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Did I ever tell you I live at one of the most beautiful spots of Amsterdam? At least, I think its one of the best spots, though others may think differently.

This post is best viewed with since the Spotify tracks included can be played directly from the post; I've included YouTube links as well, in case you don't like to use PeakD.

One of the reasons why I love this place, is its location at one of the most interesting canals in our city. As you may know, Amsterdam is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North. The city counts around 160 canals with a total length of 75 kilometers. Out of all these canals - De Kostverlorenvaart: the canal that passes my place less then 10 meters away from my frontside windows - this is one of the very few ones that is there for larger boats (incl cargo ships) to sail and used very frequently by recreational boat owners to pass between our main river and a recreational lake at the other side of the city.

one without the real deal soundsystem

Especially when it's a nice day in spring or summer - with the sun out and about - many many many boats pass my home. Quite a few of them equipped with some - more or less temporary - sound systems with the superpowers you can find in concert and dance clubs. Such system is there to use: Volume at maximum, I'll be able to hear whatever comes out of the speakers even when I close my ears completely. Fortunately I love music and I like to hear what the 'common' sailor and their friends like to listen to. Mostly its Electronic Dance Music: EDM, House, Trance, Hardstyle... Except House, all these styles I don't necessarily like. But still cool in a way; Never a dull moment :)

And then...

Two days ago a boat passed with a few people onboard, blasting sounds from the sound system they had to their disposal, a massive one! I write sounds, but I meant to say: Some really really really cool track I was hearing! Wanted to make a photo but was interested more in learning what artist did produce this track.

Shazam to the rescue...

Turned out I was listening to Vacaciones En Chile, produced by Ilario Alicante. Its what I call 'modern' minimal techno style and has this Berlin sound to it. Normally not so into this 'modern' minimal, but from time to time I hear something that makes me crazy from pleasure. This track is getting close to the later state of mind. WOW! :)


click me to play at youtube

Turns out this track was remixed by a few guys from my home city, a few years later. Was expecting something cool as well...


click me to play at spotify

Listened these remixes a few times in a row and thought: "What the hell did these guys think? Why did they take out all the special elements of the original? The somewhat staccato kick throughout the track is one of the things that makes the original 'special', but none of the remixes have this effect. The main melody has this somewhat obscure ring to it; Gone in the remixes!"

I know, I know, music taste is sooo subjective!

That's why I like to ask you your opinion!
Which versions you like the most? The original? One of the remixes? Which one?

I don't like to convince you, but to be honest: The first time I skipped through the remixes I thought: Its so clear who is - by far - the best! I hoped this Italian born, Berlin resident, created more cool tracks, EPs and albums. Skipped though at least 20+ of them and couldn't find anything that touched me. Strange isn't it? One track (one of his firsts) triggers me big time, while the rest seems to be meant for others, but me.

Am not more then a fan of music; Don't know anything wrt producing and creating music of any kind; Probably not even able to play the most simple instrument you can imagine; So don't mind my opinions :)

But still, I like to hear you opinion about all these tracks and which one is most to your liking!

I do hope for the Amsterdam guys it's either the first or third remix since that's their work. Next time when I meet them on some dance floor, I'll pass on your "I Love Your Track", in case you like this connection to be made... Just tell me in the comment section and I'll be your postboy! hahahaha No really, I will pass on whatever you like to tell the producers 2000 and One, Lauhaus and/or Kabale Und Liebe. They will be happy to hear from you. Even when you like me to tell them they made some shitty tracks, I'll pass it on as well. I'll risk a few blue eyes, but hey, fun must go on :)

In the mean time I do hope you enjoy listening the original! hahahaha

One of the rules in persuading others is to repeat the message one wants to bring across, at least three times. I think I just did that. I also followed the rule to mix it in the rest of the story at some time intervals between each other.

Did I - by now - convince you? Did I change your mind from before reading the entire post but after listening the four tracks? When so, let me know. I'll use your feedback to further tune my tactics to convince others from something I like them to be convinced about.


Guess best to finish this post since otherwise it needs to carry the tag 'garbage' or 'junk' :)


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I've just listened to the original and sorry to say but it's not exactly my style, I find it a bit monotone, without any color. I love edm and most of my favorite Dj's are Dutch, but this track is different from what I like. However, this remix is more interesting

I could not listen to the one on Spotify as I'm not using the app and don't have time right now to create a free account.

Regardless, I'm amazed how you were able to use Shazam to find out which track is playing and more amazed that the app could identify it from that distance.

We could exchange music once if you are interested. Dutch are famous for their Dj's, last year 5 of the firsts 10 were Dutch. This year is different due to covid-19, all the concerts and tours were canceled, so i guess we won't be voting for the best Dj of the year :)

Maybe will be voting for the best online set, so many of them, either initiated by the artists or some festival or club promoter moved their events online. Many of them in NL and also Germany, like HYTE.

Unfortunately the usual suspects in the top x DJs of the world play EDM style, something I never was able to like. I go for much more the underground styles. But yeah, my taste in music is 360 degrees so yea we can surely exchange more music (in the footer of my post you can find links to two posts incl music of at least 200 artists from all sorts of music genres; almost all I really like). Since you seem to like the more melody in track I understand the remix version you posted. I think I like that one more than the other remixes, although the sound crawls further to trancy. I'm still with the original that does something to me while all the remixes is kinda owww ok :)

By now Shazam has a lot of fingerprints in their database, lots of electronic music. In NL the license authorities use track recognition systems to verify DJ track listings. Mostly only at the major events, but still. Not sure how this is in other countries. For sure, when the authorities using such system, it drives to growth of the finger print databases. If Shazam is cleaver they work together with these parties, and probably do :) The distance was not more than 20 meters I would think, and the volume was club level, 100+ dB...goes pretty far such volume :)

Give me a few hours and I'll tell you. Lucky you to live in a place like that. I spent a day in Amsterdam a good few years ago but would go back anytime and I will one day.

Owww yea, Amsterdam is a pretty nice place to be :) Let me know when you'll plan to come again, I can give you some tips here and there. Looking fwd about the thumb: up, down, or sideways :)

Holland has some of the best cities in the world. I love Utrecht and Amsterdam so much. Plus the Capital has one of the best vinyl markets at Utrechtstrasse. I bought a Duke Ellington double live LP for just 4 euros! They had lots of turntables at the store to try the used vinyls out but I said "come the worst case I'll just hang it on the wall". And it sounds great too!

Aha super! Yea, we have still some good vinyl record stores in Amsterdam. I think this one you've been to is Concerto. Next time when you are in Amsterdam, also check Rush Hour. Boudisque is another one around for decades, not sure how good they are in vinyl these days.

I can't recall the name of the store but it had ground floor and basement as far as I can recall, kinda big with lots of turntables and huge collection of vinyls. Lovely city. Lively but not too noisy, neat but not neutral. I spent my birthday there 6 years ago and you had the warmest November ever. Almost +20C sunny days with cafes flooded by people soaking the sun. A friend called me and he thought I was still in Greece listening to all this crowd outdoors on the phone :) I couldn't be luckier.

WooHoo, you had the best experience of Amsterdam I think! Such weather at end of autumn is rare. That said, our major back then must have arranged something special for you with the weather gods hahaha I really like quite a few cities around the world, but I still have to find that one city I would exchange Amsterdam for. San Francisco I really liked, I would be able to live their for some time.

I did the same comment haha. It was like I took the weather with me from Athens :)
I've never been to the States but I'd love to. San Francisco must be so nice undoubtedly or at least excluding its high humidity and insane real estate prices.