The Real Pandemic: Chip Dating

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The Corona induced social distancing in- and outdoors is (and in some countries was) a drama for one of the most basic needs of us humans: Finding a partner. Dating is/was kinda difficult due to obvious reasons. On Twitter I follow a girl Tweeting about this every single day sharing her experiences using dating apps and the changes she had to make. Instead of asking for a real date, she was 'forced' to continue chatting and try and learn more about the other through digital methods, something that was quite uncommon for her. Since a month or so, she started meeting her online dates in real life, resulting in even funnier Tweets. Apparently all these real dates ended as a one night stand. Wondering how Corona proof this is? She could be a super spreader! Before you take this further in your mind, she claims not to carry the Corona virus and I have no reason not to believe her. I wish I could share her profile with you, but she Tweets in the Dutch language; Gibberish to most of you; Always great fun to read her Tweets!

Next Generation Dating: Best of All Worlds

Anyways... this post is not about her, but about a novel idea I developed which combines the traditional dating with online dating. Before all these dating apps, and dating services, we would meet people in the real - physical - space. This could be anywhere, from a bar, club to sporting events, or simply in the street. When Tinder became popular, the online dating became popular. Many many apps emerged, all with their own way of trying to match people. This digitisation of dating is very useful, since the number of people we can meet is so much bigger than we could meet in real life; The pool of people we can select from is so much larger. Though the difficulty with the online dating is that we get an impression of someone that may not be the real person. It's so much easier to 'act' online than in real life.

"How can we increase the pool of people to select from in real life?"

The whole drama around Corona, the drama around the Gates foundation, the vaccine most of the governments around the world are investing in, the conspiracy theories claiming this is all organised to implant a chip in all human bodies through a forced vaccine, gave me the idea to a solution.

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The Concept

What if we equip all people in search of a partner with some kind of tag? This tag will give us profile information, from what the person is about, to what the person is seeking for. This tag shall be readable by all those who are seekers. At the same time the seekers carry a similar tag and therefore also 'broadcasting' their own profile.

In this way, all people we pass by in the streets become potential dating material. Something that in theory is possible without the tags, but many of us don't just walk up to someone in the street and start a conversation and/or ask that person for a date. And even when we would, we won't have our mind set to finding our next date 24/7. A tag based service is 'on' all the time. Such service could even be used for more sophisticated auto selection; call it pre selection. For instance it could trigger you based on some criteria.

Some of the dating apps - like Happn - have this 'tag' build into their app. It shows all members of the app one passed by. Though this passing is most of the time not a real close pass, but just someone who crosses our paths kinda in the neighbourhood. This may even not be at the same time, but sometime the same day or so. Not sure how their algorithms work. Though this app does something with nearby, it does not trigger the user to connect in real life in an instant, the moment we pass by the other.

The concept for the tag based dating service, is to allow instant notification of a 'match' when someone passes us in the street. This shall allow us to connect instantly in real life.


As a good HIVE citizen, having decentralisation in mind, the tag could trigger a smart phone app using decentralised networks, like bluetooth. Our profile information could be stored on a blockchain with 100% control by the user.

The Tag

The tag itself: This could be anything, from something build into the app for this service, a chip in our body, to a tattoo on our forehead. The tattoo option is probably liked by the tattoo shops, but not by those who like to seek dates. The App based tag is maybe to most logical, but this limits the reach since for sure not all people who seek for dates will become a member of that particular service.

Therefore I think the chip based tag is the best option.

The Real Conspiracy

To make sure this chip is gonna be used across all service, we shall create a law that requires all dating apps to use this chip. To get this chip into our bodies, we shall create a situation in our societies that will result in something that requires us to get some shot. Like a pandemic of some sort for which we may require a vaccine to survive. Am not sure what Bill Gates driving force is to solve pandemics, but I suppose for my idea to work, I need to connect with him to get the chip into the vaccine, as well as to connect with the national governments to get the required laws drawn up and instated.

But maybe this idea is the driving force behind the whole Corona thingy anyway? Maybe the Illuminati doesn't want absolute power and total control? Maybe they just want to drive people to connect with each other and through that make humankind more happy and drive satisfaction and pleasure in life?

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