A new hive user comes on-board.

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Hello hive family..I'm so happy to be among this great family. I'm a beautiful lady by name= Edidiong Inem Eshiet, from ONNA L.G.A Akwa Ibom State. I am a good Nigerian Citizen.


Am a student of Akwa Ibom State college of Education Afaha Nist. A final year student studying Biology/Chemistry Education. Many people asked why I choose to be a teacher, I told them that am going for what I have passion for which is to always impact knowledge to other people. I believe that passion changes everything.


Am a member of Qua Ibeo Church, a choir leader, an excellent back up Singer. I believe in Christ Jesus..,I believe in his precious blood and I believe in God the Father, Son and the Holy spirit.


I Love saying the truth at all time, I love sports like volleyball, like singing, dancing, cooking, making funs, and most especially I love Teaching. I hate lies, keeping of malice, dishonesty, deceitful life and I hate looking down on people.


My family is a monogamous family, I have a lovely Father, a beautiful mother, three girls and two big boys. I'm the third child in Our Great family...a beautiful Lady. I pray God continue to bless my parents with long Life to stay and enjoy the fruits of their labour Amen.

Other things about me, you will get know about in subsequent times.


My sincere appreciation goes to my beautiful sister @Mhizerbee who introduced me to this wonderful family, I will always surprise you.


I promise to abide to the rules and regulations of this platform and doing my very best to make it grow as well.


Thank you so much for having me, I hope to enjoy my stay here. Do have a good day and stay safe.



Welcome eddyeshiet!
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Thanks dear

Welcome darling

Thanks baby you are great

You're most welcome


Que bella

Welcome to the Hive community @eddyeshiet!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

Seven suggestions to consider:

  1. Guard your passwords carefully, and only publish with the posting key,
  2. Use your active key only for wallet transactions, keychain and Hivelock,
  3. The master password is only used to reset compromised passwords,
  4. DO NOT lose your passwords; copy and store offline,
  5. Do not publish other people's work, be it photos or written, without credit, and
    be sure to source all of your work, even if it is your own
  6. An introduceyourself tag is used only once , and
  7. Do Not open any links in memos or comments that you do not know who they belong to. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so the old saying goes. There is nothing free here.

I found you because @brittandjosie and @jamerussell from @heyhaveyamet presented and promoted your publication to get more exposure and help you grow faster.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and need some guidance, or if you have any questions, there are informed Hivians available who can help you; you can click to go to The Terminal in Discord here:

Have fun and happy Hiving!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate

Welcome to hive. I am glad to see more Nigerians here. I hope you enjoy time here.

Feel free to join the SMILE discord server to meet other authors and know more of coming initiatives: https://discord.gg/wyhVUvt

Am so happy to meet you here

Hey eddy... I am holding an initiative for newbies, should be something you might be interested in. You can check it out here