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The Hive Blockchain is beginning to grow and everyday it's getting more attention from the public, that's why I believe we should have a strong presence in as many places as possible. Hive is a 3.0 web platform, our mission is to bring users from the web 2.0 and introduce them to the freedom and advantages that Hive has, to be able to do that we should also have a voice in these platforms.

As you may know Hive does not have a CEO, company or sole leader. Hive is a community and as a community we need to work together to reach one of the biggest goals for Hive, onboarding new users. This goal will serve another goal, get the Hive token to as many hands (different users) as possible.

In this post I want to share all the Social Media Channels that the Hive Community has. If there is one that I am missing please let me know in the comments and I can add it to the post.

Hive Website



This is the go to site for Hive information. It is simple, clean and has all the data needed. Here you can also see the options to create a Hive account as well as all the different dApps, wallets and ecosystems. Signup for Hive: https://signup.hive.io/

Hive on the Hive Blockchain





@hiveio: Follow this account to stay up to date and to read all the new information about Hive. The posts on this account are written by community leaders, witnesses and other members of the community.




This is the place where developers can see all the code related to Hive, I'm not a developer so I cannot make any more comments about this site.




Another interesting site for Hive developers.




I believe that Twitter is the most active Social Media site for the Hive Community. There are hundreds of users tweeting daily about Hive, promoting and engaging with people, communities and exchanges. Besides this account there are more community accounts using twitter to promote Hive, some of them are: Trending on Hive, innerHIVE, Hive People and Hive Blockchain info, among others.

Some of the most active and engaging members of the community are: They Call Me Dan, Marky, Andrew Chaney, geekgirl, Wolf, Aceyo, Belemo, crimsonclad, CryptoFinally, Girl Gone Crypto, AusBitBank and Luke Stokes among many, many others. All of these users are active content creators, community leaders, investors and some of them are consensus witnesses. On Twitter you can find me as Eddie Espino (El Chico HIVE).

If you can only stay active on one Social Media to help promote Hive, Twitter is the best option.




Medium is a great channel to write and read articles about crypto related topics and technology topics in general. Hive has an account on Medium, they have not publish new article but there you can find relevant information about Hive. There are other accounts like Hiver that have been writing articles of Hive news and updates. Check them out here: https://medium.com/hive-news





To be honest I am not a big fan of big chat groups, when it comes to chatting I prefer one on one chats. But for everyone looking for official announcements, to solve questions/doubts or to hang out with other Hivers you can join this Telegram Chat.

There is also one for Spanish speaking Hivers: https://t.me/hivehispano




I made this logo some minutes ago.

I have had a Reddit account for more than 3 years, but I have never used it a lot. Now that Hive has its own sub reddit I plan to be more active there. @acidyo and other Hive members are moderating this sub reddit and it's starting to get some traction. Besides Twitter I believe this one can also become a great place to promote Hive.




Since the beginning Discord has been one of the most concurred social media Channels for Hivers. On Discord you can find a lot of communities with their own server and Hive also has its own server where you can see what community members are up to, chat with fellow Hivers and learn what's new in Hive.




Few days after Hive was launched I found out that there was no Facebook page. I am relatively active on Social Media, I understand that for a lot of people Facebook is no longer relevant but there are still a lot of people that are using it and it can be a great place to promote our platform. I created this Facebook page and I have been managing it with other members of the community, the growth has not been enormous but we have managed to get more than 300 likes and a decent engagement some of the weeks. We have been creating content, sharing Hive posts and interacting with the community.

There is also a Facebook group where people have been sharing their posts. I wish I had more HP to be able to curate some of these posts, but so far it has been a great way to discover new users and awesome content.

Facebook Hive Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hiveblocks/

We have also been battling with fake accounts, I think we may have won because I haven't seen any more movements from them.




I haven't participated on this site yet but looking at all the active accounts I will make some time to engage in this community. I know @theycallmedan is a huge fan of Quora, he even went viral there a couple of years ago with his weight loss journey story. This is also a great place for people to learn about Hive and for the users that already have some experience it's a great place to share their knowledge. I'm not very familiar with Quora but as I said I will invest time to make a post or at least some comments in the upcoming days.


I think that no one has created a "Hive" account on YouTube, but there are some interesting videos there. Here I am sharing a video by @khaleelkazi from leofinance.io, (you can read/listen/watch the whole article here: https://leofinance.io/hive) and I am also sharing some Hive lesson videos by @indigoocean.

On which Social Media are you actively participating?


Discord: eddiespino#1698

My Social Media | @eddiespino

Gris's Social Media | @grisvisa


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm pretty new to the whole Blockchain stuff (besides "investing" in 2017), so I'm always eager to learn how to ditch any Mainstream services for Blockchain ones (-> Youtube to LBRY, Reddit to Hive etc.).

The only thing bothering me is that I cannot post anything. It always tells me that I don't have enough Hive power. Do you have any tips on that? I got two freshly written articles to share myself and I can't post them :(
I can post them on Publish0x - no problem, on Steemit - no problem. But here: no chance.

Hey! Thank you for your comment and welcome to Hive. It seems that you don't have enough Resource Credits, and that's why you cannot post. You need more Hive Power and I understand you how will you earn Hive if you cannot post.

I'm going to delegate you some Hive Power so you can publish your posts. And when you have them published please let me know and I can give you a vote.

Hey! @bqreus I have delegated you some Hive Power!

I did it form my wife account (@grisvisa) because for some reason on my the system was not letting me delegate you any amount even though I have enough.

Now you should be able to post your articles here.


You can check your activity here: https://beeme.icu/?account=bqreus

Oh my god this is so nice of you! Thanks so much!

Still, a question remains: when a new user needs upvotes to post, but can't post (and therefore can't get any updates) - is the only to gain more HIVE power to buy HIVE? If that's the case, that would be a bad way to lure in potential members/users. But maybe I'm just misunderstanding the concept.

EDIT: I just posted my article, yay :)
Here it is: https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@bqreus/the-road-to-digital-freedom-and-online-privacy

Users don't need upvotes to post and when they start they have enough RC (Resource Credits) to make at least one post, maybe in your case because you started upvoting and making comment you drained your RC and did not have enough to continue.

But I agree with you it's still an issue and that why there are communities and users willing to delegate to new users, users that are real and are here to contribute to the platform.

For what I understand this system is to avoid spam and abuse but I know there are initiatives to help users with some HP delegations to start. You created you account on a free service from esteem so that's why you did not have any HP at the beginning.

The best thing a new user can do to start on Hive is reach out to the community on Twitter and/or here on Hive. I know a lot of users that are willing to help.

And of course users that buy Hive (and power up) will be able to grow faster and have more advantages that someone who doesn't buy any. In my personal experience I did not have to buy any coins until the second or third month and that was because I wanted to invest and grow faster.

I see, that makes sense now. Since I'm used to Reddit, I upvoted a lot of Posts that I liked so that may indeed be the reason. I think I have some reading up to do :-D

But anyway, I could post my article now (see the EDIT above). Thanks again!

I'm the most active on Instagram but just followed Hive on twitter and Facebook and joined both Discord and Facebook groups! I actually was searching for these groups a few days ago but didn't manage to find them. Now I'm happy I did! :D

Hi! Thank you for your comment! Actually I forgot to mention the Instagram... So much information that I missed it. There is a community account, here is the information:



Glad this information was useful for you!

Thats great, I just followed you! Would be great if we could set up a specific tag to use.. Maybe #hivechain? Let me know :)

Thank you! Yes an specific tag would be great, #hivechain sounds good or maybe #hiveblock or just #hive. On Twitter I have been using just #hive and I'm starting to share the #posh posts on Facebook and Reddit.

Instagram is a gold mine for finding content creators, and they can invest if they like Hive, I feel it is a place we have forgotten.

Yes! I agree, we have been promoting Hive a little there and it's starting and some people have joined.

Awesome resource,@eddiespino! Thanks for putting this together, and extras thanks for the inadvertent reminder - I've been meaning to get over to LinkedIn to support the profile that @klye set up, and just did it now!


Oh yes! I remember I saw one for LinkedIn, but I for got to mention it too. Thank you for reminding me!

Promoting Hive on different social media platforms will help us bring more people in. This is a great post and the links useful and informative. I'm spending a lot of time on YouTube now. Thanks for this article @eddiespino.

Yes, I believe that we gotta spread the word as far as we can, who knows when we might find the next big content creator or big investor!

I'm planning on making more videos on YouTube to promote Hive, I did a video for another platform and I think I was able to onboard at least 10 people or so.

Great. Good luck on the new videos you are planning to make. :)

really use full links you have shared i will follow these social media links

Hey @moon333! Glad you found them useful! Let me know if you decide to join the Facebook group and to follow the page!

Great line ups of different sites I can go for to access HIVE

All of them are not exactly to access Hive unless you are talking about Hive.Blog and Peakd.com. The other sites are to help onboard users and to interact with the community outside of the Hive Blockchain.

Yup😆 an indirect way to access as without the community, our post up here will be worth zero too.

Thanks for providing us those useful links @eddiespino about this fucking platform.

Take care and Hive a nice day!

lol! You are welcome @sergiomarquina! You too Hive a great day!

Very useful post. Well done, @eddiespino.

Thank you @wiseagent, glad you found it useful!

Right lets spread about hive to all our social media account..

Looks good... I think Twitter, reddit, Facebook and YouTube are all good channels to target.

Yes I agree, those are ones of the most popular.

Good to see a Facebook page. Can we raise a short proposal to get some funding and do some advertisements on Facebook ?

That's a good idea, I'm gonna think on a strategy for this. I could even invest some os my money or raise some funds with users but the most important thing is to have an action plan and a "funnel" so we can redirect all the people interested.

I first joined Steem thanks to an advertisement on Facebook by Jerry Banfield (I don't follow him anymore), that was on January of 2018. First time I saw the add I did not believe it, sounded to good to be true.

And how about creating advertisements in every social media to gain more attention

Good idea! I'm going to think on a strategy for Facebook!

That's nice to hear

thank you very much, it's a really useful post to have all active hive profiles under control

You are welcome! I missed the Instagram, here it is:


Thank you everyone for your support! I forgot yo mention the Hive Instagram and I also forgot to add this cute image:


Hive Care Emoji Reaction

That is some great informative content. I am active on hive.blog but now I will make sure to be active on rest of the platforms too.

That's great! Thank you your comment and for being part of Hive!

I have become a contributor on Quora and I’m trying to answer all the incoming questions :).

That's great! I will get active there too!

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Oh, thank you for the recommendation! I will check it out!