Do you have the courage to be wrong?

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The promise of security...

is now fading away which is leaving people to either reassess their personal life or double down in their neurotic detachment. The simulated end of humanity threat from a world-wide pandemic is creating a sterile social condition in which free-human engagement is decimated. This inversion of values affects the mass psychology in immeasurable ways which can only be seen in our day-to-day interaction with the Other.


The transition to a techno-tyranny ("Brave New World") by necessity will dispense with all the previous models of "acceptable" behavior, attitudes and roles. The narrative in this new model of control is bringing a new religion with a new set of costumes. In this age of information the manipulation of the psyche through simulations, virtual reality and confusing narratives is the winning strategy to fully dominate humanity.

The irrational behavior that follows in this pandemic is the ultimate end-goal. When we are confused, afraid and neurotic we will reject the truth to keep our ego safe. This is the cultural milieu in popular media, public discourse and especially in our politicians. This new model of lock downs has initiated an existential crisis in people who are unprepared to delve inside their own turmoil. The good news is that the corona pandemic was not as bad as once thought. The bad news is that people's psychological condition have been impacted in a deep way which turns them away from the truth.



Speaking from the heart...

The fear I face when I publish my work is that it opens my inner-essence to the world...and that means all of my errors, ugliness and limitations as well. This is the same fear that prevents a lot of people from actively pursuing the truth outside of the mainstream. People play it safe in the comfort of popular opinion because it absolves them of personal responsibility to find out the truth for themselves. If we dare to question and follow our authentic convictions...we may be wrong or worst of all we can be publicly ridiculed for stepping out of line.

Understanding the nature of reality and the underlying truth behind the mask of perception is my ultimate objective. The personal homework I commit to takes a tremendous toll on my physical body. When I click the "PUBLISH" button I am flooded by excitement and concerned at the same time. The balance between these opposite elements led me to understand a deeper truth. The divisive anger & fear is not the only obstacle the prevents people from progressing to positive solutions. The fear of being wrong also keeps individuals from evolving and potentially accepting new matter how positive it may be.

The Courage to be VULNERABLE

The first step to liberate our mind, heart and soul from the matrix of control is the hardest one to take. Opening ourselves to be vulnerable by speaking what is in our heart invites a tide of change which is out of our control. This fear of losing control is indicator that we are on the right path...embrace it and let it go. The authentic change begins when we walk away from the promise of security, control and material wealth to follow our moral conscience without expectations. When we embrace the unexpected by letting go of the facade of control we will find a fountain of wisdom which will guide us to greater heights.


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