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RE: Lots of Sun on the Island of Thassos

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I am so glad that you saw @uwelang's contest! How did you not know about #SunThursday?? You and the sun? Match made in heaven.

You have demonstrated just how awesome the sun is, clearly, there isn't a day that the sun doesn't shine, if only in your heart! There are so many beautiful moments in this post, but, that golden moment. Perfection. There is something to be said about the sun and the sea. The go together peanut butter and jelly. Strawberry or gooseberry is preferred by me. I dare not put one on a slice of bread without the other. It would be blasphemy. :)

Thank you for the shoutout for #alwaysaflower! It is always appreciated.

Good luck with the contest! There are so many stunning pictures between the title and here!

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Thanks, Denise! I know about Sun Thursday, I also posted last week, out of the contest. I hope you know that I participate in contests primarily because they give me a theme for the blog and a motivation to write. I like to be noticed the post and the effort made but I win quite rarely. There are a lot of talented people around us!
You made me want to try peanut butter and jelly (strawberry or gooseberry).

My granddaughter is consuming me all the time now. I have to answer you about five comments, I hope to do it tomorrow. Please forgive me for being late!

Never worry, Dan! I am so far behind that I cannot see yesterday anymore.


I don't even have a baby to blame! Thanks and good luck in the contest!

Thank you! However, I am sorry that I did not manage to answer in time.