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Well friends have been a little absent in Hive, because we are also with prohibited obstacles when leaving home and we cannot go to areas with many people as an example like beaches. Today, I decided that an escape will not be on the wall and will not be for sand, which is what you will show in the coming times with great pity for me.
Today I bring you the new beach. A small beach with several buildings in the vicinity.
We are currently building a beach bar, as you can see from the photos.
It is also the ideal place for sports activities such as fishing and diving because of the rocky area that lies ahead.
There is a lot of good fish and octopus as well as shrimp.

This beach is very frequented by tourists who come mainly from a 3-star campsite that are very close to the site, which also makes it develop in its surroundings, also have excellent access and a great shooping about 5 minutes from there.

Well for today is everything and so I leave you with the pictures of the place :) I hope to see you soon with the quality you deserve :) I hope you are well hug your friend DREWIMG_9928.jpeg









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