VISIT PORTUGAL_ Leça da Palmeira (Oil Refinery)

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Remembering that it is only 5 minutes from the airport and very easy to visit
Perhaps my visit to Leça da Palmeira ended today.
Today I bring you the biggest icon of leça on an industrial level.
The Petrogal Refinery in Leça da Palmeira, or as many of us call it (New York)
We call this having super lit tubes because the airport is next.
What gives the feeling of a city full of light and life.
During the day they are just conduits, but at night the light brings brightness to this urbanism. Well, the best and even look at the photos, I'm sure you will fall in love, many use these conduits to take pictures of cars that give a super urban air.
Well, for that, I will make a little introduction to the investigation of this monument, it still works today where gasoline, gas and benzine are extracted for airplanes

Company incorporated in 1976, by merger of Sonap, Sacor, Cilda and Petrosul nationalized in 1975.

In 1981 the company reached a sales volume of 160 billion escudos, being, in terms of sales volume, the largest company in Portugal.

The rest the images speak for themselves, I hope you like it soon











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