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A travel guide for Berlengas Islands cannot fail to reference points, which makes this Portuguese Nature Reserve a place to visit at least once in your life, but it is not to visit a single place in the country.
The wild nature, its own fauna, like beaches, and landscapes and landscapes are points that become, the definition of many visitors, the little paradise lost and the center of Portugal.

In the summer, more than a thousand tourists come to visit the island that is also the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (since 2011) a day, clearly looking at the situation in which there was a problem in the search for a quantity of biodiversity, such as the experience of visitors.

So what is so magical about Berlengas?
What impressed me most was the same sea, a depth of the sea. The feeling of being on the pier where the boat moored and seeing incredible depth ”.

Still in the water it is even better: “If you go swimming, even if you’re not a diver (but for whom, then it’s the same must-see destination), touch something and see thousands of fish, schools of fish from everywhere, from all cores , to the 'National Geographic' documentary genre “.

In addition, and although the archipelago is not far from the coast, “you end up with the perfect notion that you are on an island”. “You are very much subject to the elements, the climate changes quickly and it is a very outside experience at that level, to feel all the elements.”

There are also the caves, which are indeed magnificent, but you should be careful as they are also dangerous.

The friendly lighthouse keeper, the visit to the Fort, the biologists who walk there in their investigations, the feeling of nature reserve. In addition, “the island is small and you can get to know everything on foot”. And recommends the visit, for those who really like nature.
There are also a lot of positive reviews on TripAdvisor. A visitor describes the island as one of the most beautiful she has ever seen, adding that it is worth walking from the landing pier to the fort of São João Batista, where “the view of the sea and the island in different angles is really fantastic ”. For those who like camping, there is the camping area, remember, and the glass-bottom boat ride through the caves is also something not to be missed, as well as a dip in the crystal-clear sea full of fish.

The big problem on the island is the volume of animals that live there, such as rats and seagulls. In addition, staying there (camping), you will have to bathe in salt water.
Other than that I don’t have much more about the incredible scenery with all these little details.

The trip is close to 18 euros round trip to camp we have to ask the municipal council of Peniche for an authorization, and we have a set of rules that we will have to follow.
We also have an extension of the trip that we pay about 4 euros to be able to see the seabed in small boats, on a lucky day we can see dolphins or even whales (I didn't go on lucky day).
If you go there remember to buy a pair of diving goggles because the seabed there is amazing
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I hope I convinced you to go on this trip, see you soon DREW0



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