Hive Logo Proposal

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Many things are happening in our Blockchain right now.

Posts to read:

Steem fork is comming and new chain will appear, it seems the name will be Hive.

I'm not an expert in logos and standarts for logo design but I decide to contribute with a logo for comming Hive chain.

Here it is.

If you are thinking to create a logo and want to start from my idea please fill free to use my image and idea for free


Suggested by I made two more logos
HIVE 1.pngHIVE 3.png


How about turning the chevron in the middle of the H the other way up so it looks like the roof of a home?

ps. thanks for sharing the other links. I had only seen the blocktrades one.

pps. Please take a look at this post in regard to governance:



Update! ;)
Thanks for the idea!

Good idea! :)

Simple and elegant!

I was playing around with some Hive blockchain art this morning as well. You can check it out here.

Cheers & May The Swarm Be With You!

Thanks mate :)
I leave a comment in your work ;)