Stink eye / 臭い目

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“Stink eye”...I came across many slang terms when I was learning English but I must say this is one of my favourites expressions. I think it describes the situation very well.
Anyways, we are so blessed to have Pepper in our family. Look at her little face. She can give you the stink eye even when she is half a sleep. She must be so special lol.
Does your kitty give you the stink eye? I get it a lot haha.

“Stink eye (スティンクアイ)”...直訳は臭い目...ですが、目は臭くなりませんよね、笑
英語を勉強していると色んなスラングに出会いますが、このStink eyeという表現はなんだかしっくりくるというか、使いやすいです。嫌な顔、不満そうな顔をされた時などに使います。


I found her in her tunnel the other day playing with a pen. She likes playing with pens and a piece of old necklace chain. She likes bottle caps as well.
I saw a video of cat playing with cotton swabs somewhere so I gave it a try but it didn’t make noise so she got bored right away.
Does your cat have any favourite things to play with?



Happy Caturday!
Have a wonderful weekend.



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intresting, I learned a new idioma! now if I see it in a context I will remember the meaning.

as for my cat... I'd say rather yes then no.
this happens, for example, when we have dinner and and our dishes include meat. then, she always come closer, sit at the floor beneath our feet AND WATCHES at us with such an eyes! wel, well, I am not sure this is a stink eye, rather - more plaintive and pleading than disapproving ... ahem. I will have to think mpre and take a picture next time I notice a case.
thanks one more - it was great, valuable content for me. I love to learn such new vocabulary and replenish my stock of idioms. I still don't know enough English idioms enough.


Some people call it dirty look but I think stink eye suits better especially when you are talking abovt cats. My cat gives me the stink eye when I try to get my backpack back (she loves sitting on the backpacks) or take too many photos of her.