Fan art - Archer from Fate/stay night // アーチャーを描きました

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Hi, everyone...
I’ve been busy colouring this piece...I mean it’s more like...trying to figure out how to colour 🤣😭🤣... since I made a sketch of it.
I hope I don’t run out of motivation haha...

This is Archer from anime Fate/stay night.
I’m a big fan of anime as you already know and I must say that he is one of my favourite characters.
If you are interested in the show it’s on Netflix in Canada. You might be able to find on Netflix in your country as well.

Anyways, the photos below are the process.
From the rough sketch, I created a cleaner sketch because the rough sketch was simply too messy to work with. Although, the cleaner sketch will be turned off at the end.
I struggled with colouring the nose, the lips...and shading of the face and the hair......ok ok...I struggle all over lol
I don’t know how many times I erased the hair until I found the hair colouring brush tool! Oh boy, this brush is handy!


こちら、アニメ、Fate/stay nightよりアーチャーです。




I’m used to drawing with lineart so I tend to like the crisp look of finished drawing with lineart but this time I’m turning the cleaner sketch layer off and my Archer is done! ;)



Tools used : iPad, Apple Pencil, Clip Studio, reference of Archer from Google.

画材:iPad、アップルペンシル、Clip Sdudio、Googleさんで見つけたアーチャー元絵



Thanks for visiting!



Wow, you drew this on an ipad? That's impressive!

Thank you!!!
There are some good drawing apps on iPad and Apple Pencil makes drawing possible and fun ;)

oh wow, I love it! I like archer too. :D

Thank you so much!!!

Like the white hair and eye brows...

Me too!!!😆

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