Cat Tank / ネコ戦車

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Hi everyone!
I hope you are doing alright during this craziness.
I haven’t been feeling creative at all these days but my daughter wanted to build a cat tank so I helped her a little.

The process started with collecting and figuring out which boxes are a good fit for building a tank.
First, we were thinking of cutting out the shapes of the tank parts and glue them but we ended up stacking a flat box and a smaller but not so tall one on top.




The tank gun is made with paper towel tubes.
The front and the back of the tank has triangular cardboard tube that we made.
I like the wheels we made.
We rolled all the leftover cardboard and stuffed them to look like caterpillar tracks.



Paint it and done!



We need a diver!



Pepper hates the helmet and me trying to put helmet on her.
She doesn’t trust the cat tank either xD




Thanks for visiting!



I think Pepper is more of a lover than a fighter :-)

That’s probably why she doesn’t like it very much....

oo! I like getting this in my feed so much. especially the cat face emotions - super :) and the colour your daughter chose for the tank - delicate and complex! not a simple dirty-black-something.

I’m glad you like it. Thank you so much!!! :)

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wow! @djynn what an effort you did! clap clap clap!!!
i remembered meself when i was making my kitten's bed. such an effort really.
i'll be following you.
keep safe

love lots,

Thank you!!!

That is Just AWESOME...!

Too Funny...!!! Hey @pooky-jax , Look at this! We gotta make one of these, Maybe a fighter jet out of boxes and stuff?

Thank you!
I would live to see your creations!

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OMG! is so cute and fun!!! love it!

We all thought it was fun except my cat 😆
I'm glad you like it. Thank you!!!

hahahahahaha nah! he loves boxes!

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Oh wow! Thank you!!!

Great job sticking around for so long @djynn!! It is so great having you here on Hive 😉❤️❤️
Happy Hive Birthday

cheers to you! lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team